How to Watch DAZN Outside Germany

DAZN is to sports what Netflix is to movies and TV shows. You can watch live and on-demand sporting activities from various countries and leagues on this streaming platform. Unfortunately, DAZN is available in only a few countries. Outside these countries, you cannot access their local DAZN libraries. So, you cannot watch DAZN Germany abroad. 

This geo-restriction is primarily because of game broadcasting rights. Broadcasters like DAZN often have the right to distribute content only within definite territories. Therefore, once you leave Germany, they’ll block your access. Fortunately, there’s an easy work-around for this issue. This review exposes how you can watch DAZN outside Germany like you’re still within the country.

How to Watch DAZN Outside Germany With a VPN

You cannot watch DAZN outside Germany because the streaming platform knows when you’re abroad. This is all thanks to your device’s Internet Protocol (IP) address. Therefore, you must change your IP to watch DAZN from anywhere. Fortunately, you can execute this IP spoof with an excellent virtual private network (VPN). 

A VPN allows you to get a new IP address from any country. In this case, you’ll need a German IP address. Furthermore, a good VPN will encrypt your DAZN streaming connection. This encryption will guarantee your internet safety when watching your favorite programs on DAZN. 

The steps below will get you into DAZN with a VPN.

Now, you can log onto DAZN and start watching whatever you want.

Top VPNs for Watching DAZN Outside Germany

Choosing a DAZN Germany VPN can be an uphill task, considering all the VPNs in the market. But we’ve gone through the trouble for you. So, you just have to read through our reviews of the top VPNs for watching DAZN outside Germany.


Overall best in our tests

ExpressVPN devices
  • Super-fast servers
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Supports private protocol, Lightway
  • Money-back guarantee

Our top recommendation for watching DAZN outside Germany is ExpressVPN. This VPN is the top choice for practically anything a VPN can do. Firstly, it has an impressive line-up of over 3,000+ servers in 160 server locations in 94 countries worldwide. Notably, too, four of these servers are in Nuremberg and Frankfurt. Thus, a German IP address from ExpressVPN would come easily.

ExpressVPN servers usually are ultrafast too. So, you wouldn’t have to suffer through buffering and slow streaming speeds while watching sporting events on DAZN. Furthermore, security experts have praised ExpressVPN for its top security. Its security features are some of the most reliable with the AES 256-bit encryption and solid VPN protocols.

What’s more? ExpressVPN has a very strict no-log policy. This policy ensures that it doesn’t save or share users’ internet connection logs. So, there won’t be any records of you watching DAZN Germany abroad with ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN is also compatible with all the major devices and operating systems. These include smartphones and computers using iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

In addition, you can install ExpressVPN on routers like Asus Router and connect other DAZN streaming gadgets that aren’t VPN-compatible. One ExpressVPN account even allows five simultaneous connections. Many people shy away from this VPN because of its cost, though. An annual subscription for DAZN will cost $8.32 monthly and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Best offer: $6.67/month (Save 49% + 3 months free)


Definitely the fastest in our tests

NordVPN devices
  • Incredibly fast servers
  • Great security features
  • Verified no-logs policy
  • Unblocks streaming platforms

NordVPN is another top VPN choice for watching DAZN outside Germany. It has some of the best VPN servers in the VPN markets. For instance, its server count stands at over 5,000 in 60 countries worldwide. Furthermore, Germany houses 240+ NordVPN servers in Berlin and Frankfurt. NordVPN also classifies these servers into general and specialty servers.

The specialty servers have such unique features as the Double VPN. This feature allows you to doubly encrypt your internet connection when watching DAZN outside Germany. That is, you get double the already-secure AES 256-bit encryption. In addition, NordVPN offers significantly fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth for subscribers.

NordVPN is also excellent for torrenting content online. Whatever you do, you can rest assured that you’ll be doing so anonymously. This is because NordVPN has a reliable zero-logging policy that prevents the preservation of your internet logs. NordVPN can also let you simultaneously watch DAZN outside Germany on multiple devices. That is, you can connect six different gadgets on one NordVPN account.

Notably, these devices could be any of the popular ones using the major operating systems. Importantly, too, you don’t have to pay too much to watch DAZN outside Germany with NordVPN. Instead, a fee of $3.67 monthly can get you onto this sports streaming platform on an annual subscription. You can then use this VPN risk-free for 30 days. 

Best offer: $2.93/month (Save 64% + 3 months for free)


Best for connecting multiple devices

Surfshark devices
  • Allows unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Integrates Stealth mode
  • Multihop feature available
  • 3000+ servers

Say there’s ever a chance that ExpressVPN and NordVPN aren’t fit for your DAZN VPN needs. Then you can always check out Surfshark. With over 3,000 servers in 60+ countries, Surfshark is a mid-tier VPN with relatively stellar features. Notably, some of these Surfshark servers are located in Frankfurt and Berlin. So, you’re getting your German IP address from the top cities.

Surfshark’s camouflage mode also makes it challenging for DAZN and other geo-blocked platforms to notice your VPN activity. While using Surfshark, you’ll also benefit from the best available security structure. This is the AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption. So, you’ll be safe from cyber criminals while streaming. In addition, that you’re watching DAZN online with a VPN remains a hidden fact.

This anonymity is because of Surfshark’s strict zero-logging policy. Therefore, the company doesn’t log your internet connection data. Like any great VPN, Surfshark is available on many operating systems. These include Android, Apple, Windows, and Linux gadgets. Of all these VPNs, only Surfshark offers an unlimited number of simultaneous connections while watching DAZN outside Germany.

You can thus use your Surfshark subscription on all your streaming devices. Finally, Surfshark offers all these amazing features at affordable rates. For example, you can get a bi-annual subscription for watching DAZN outside Germany at $1.80 monthly. You even get a 30-day money-back guarantee on these payment plans.

Best offer: $2.21/month (Save 84% + 3 months free)


Offers the best money-back guarantee

CyberGhost devices
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • 7000+ reliable servers
  • Strict no-log policy
  • Tough security features

If there’s one other VPN you should try out for DAZN Germany, it’s CyberGhost. This VPN has the most German servers on this list. Out of its 7,500+ servers in 91 countries, 916 of them are in three German cities. So, you have hundreds of options for getting a German IP address for DAZN. 

These servers operate at pretty fast speeds, thus promising the best streaming experiences on DAZN outside Germany. CyberGhost is also suitable for torrenting and bypassing other tough geo-blocks worldwide. When you sign up for CyberGhost, you’re signing onto a life of top-notch internet security. This is because you’ll be enjoying its AES 256-bit encryption. 

What’s more? With CyberGhost, you become a true ghostie while watching DAZN outside Germany. This is all thanks to its strict no-logs policy that prevents storing users’ browsing data. Furthermore, if you can watch DAZN on the device, then you can install a CyberGhost app on it too. This includes smartphones and computers using the major operating systems. 

However, suppose there’s no CyberGhost app for your streaming gadget. Then, you can install the VPN on your router and connect to such a device. CyberGhost is a pretty affordable VPN for watching DAZN outside Germany too. It has some amazing subscription plans with discounts for longer durations. Finally, this VPN offers the most extended money-back guarantee on this list at 45 days.

Best offer: $1.9/month (Save 84%)


Best for Android

PrivateVPN devices
  • Advanced configuration settings
  • Unblocks restricted platforms
  • Compatible with most device types
  • Supports the OpenVPN, L2TP and IPSec protocols

Finally, PrivateVPN is another excellent option for watching DAZN outside Germany. The first thing you’ll notice about this VPN is that it has fewer servers than others on this list. However, suppose you’re looking for a VPN specifically built for entertainment needs. Then, PrivateVPN is the right one for you. 

It has just about 200+ servers in over 60+ countries worldwide. Specifically, there are PrivateVPN servers in Berlin and Frankfurt, Germany. So, you can quickly get a German IP address for DAZN from any of these cities. PrivateVPN even has a setup guide for watching DAZN abroad. 

PrivateVPN’s security is also reliable. We mean that you’ll get military-grade 2048-bit encryption if you use this VPN for DAZN outside Germany. Furthermore, you can trust PrivateVPN’s strict no-log policy. The VPN provider wouldn’t store, sell, or leak your DAZN streaming connection logs, thanks to this policy. Thus, you can watch sporting events truly anonymously. 

PrivateVPN promises to connect you to DAZN and other platforms in 60 seconds. You can expect this ease on several device platforms, including Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows devices. In addition, one PrivateVPN can simultaneously work on ten of these gadgets. 

PrivateVPN’s prices are also very attractive. For example, you can watch DAZN outside Germany for only $2 monthly on a 36-month plan. What’s more? All PrivateVPN subscriptions have 30-day money-back guarantees for hassle-free refunds.

Best offer: €2.13/month (Save 85% + 24 months free)

What to Look Out for in a DAZN VPN

If you have already tried, it’ll be clear that selecting a VPN for DAZN could get challenging. This will be worse if you’re new to VPN technology. Therefore, you need to know exactly what features to look for when picking a VPN for watching DAZN outside Germany. 

Number of Servers

A wide server spread is crucial to look out for when picking a DAZN VPN. Firstly, the VPN must have servers in Germany. Then, it’d be best if there were multiple servers in different German cities. Many servers ensure that you never have to deal with server overcrowding. If you don’t, then you can escape the consequential slow speeds. 

Unblocking Capacity

Multiple servers are useless if they cannot bypass DAZN’s geo-blocks. DAZN employs pretty tough geo-restrictions. So, you’ll need a solid VPN to get past these geo-blocks. We’ve tested the VPNs above, and they can seamlessly grant you DAZN access.

Privacy and Security Architecture

Online streaming can expose you to several threats. Therefore, you need a solid structure to protect you from cybercriminals such as hackers. This means that you cannot choose a VPN with poor encryption. In addition, a VPN that logs your online activity is a terrible idea. 


With VPNs, the best aren’t always the costliest. So, you can find a suitable VPN for unblocking DAZN outside Germany at affordable rates. It’ll also help to look out for VPNs with money-back guarantees. This way, you can test the VPN before making a full commitment. 

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Watch DAZN Outside Germany

Is it legal to unblock DAZN with a VPN?

Yes, bypassing DAZN’s geo-restrictions with a VPN is absolutely legal. This is possible because most countries have VPN-compatible VPN laws. Indeed, DAZN doesn’t exactly support VPNs. However, this doesn’t make their use illegal. However, it’s noteworthy that using your DAZN VPN for illegal activities lifts this legal covering. 

Will a VPN slow down my DAZN streaming?

Yes, all VPNs can potentially lead to slower streaming speeds. Any VPN service provider claiming otherwise is false. However, the difference is in subscribing to VPNs optimized for speedy browsing, downloading, and streaming. The VPNs above all fall within this category. So, if you purchase any of them, you wouldn’t experience any significant speed drops. 

Can I watch DAZN for free with a VPN?

No, a VPN subscription cannot allow you to freely watch DAZN outside Germany. Instead, you’ll still need to sign up for and subscribe to a DAZN account. It’s this DAZN subscription that allows you to watch sporting events. A VPN merely complements your DAZN account, helping you access it from anywhere. 

Where can I download the DAZN app?

DAZN places its apps on several App stores. So, you just have to check your device’s app store. For example, you can get DAZN apps from Amazon, Apple App Store, and Google Play Store. In addition, the Microsoft and PlayStation Stores both have the DAZN apps for downloads. Suppose you’re using DAZN on your smart TV. Then the Google Play Store is your best source. 

How many devices can I watch DAZN on?

You can use one DAZN subscription account simultaneously on two different gadgets. These devices could be anyone compatible with online streaming. For example, you can use Android, Apple, Windows, and Mac smartphones and computers. In addition, your multiple devices can include smart TVs and game consoles. The VPNs above also allow multiple simultaneous connections on one subscription. These could range from five to an unlimited number of devices.


DAZN is easily the best choice for watching several sporting tournaments. So, it’s sad that your current location can deny you this experience. Well, it doesn’t have to if you’ll just download and use any of the VPNs above. Now, you can retain your DAZN access like you never left Germany.