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AVG VPN Review

In 2015, AVG, a prominent antivirus company, procured Privax. This acquisition allowed AVG to create its VPN service known as AVG VPN. Despite sharing similarities with Avast’s VPN and HMA, it lacks unique features. Hence, most users prefer alternative top-tier VPN options.

The strongest point of AVG VPN – support for 10 devices concurrently – is not sufficient to differentiate it from competitors in its price range. Therefore, users may find alternative VPN options more appealing.


  • Supports up to 10 concurrent connections.
  • Available within the AVG Ultimate package.


  • No dedicated IP address add-on.
  • Lacks unique features.
  • Expensive renewal prices.
  • Limited server network.

AVG’s VPN Features

AVG VPN enhances your online privacy by masking your IP address without restricting bandwidth or speed. You can purchase it separately or as part of an AVG subscription package. Initial term pricing is $53.88 for one year, $105.36 for two years, and $158.04 for three years; however, renewal prices are higher.

Simultaneous Connections Across Devices

While most VPN services allow up to five devices at once, AVG provides ten concurrent connections. Apps are available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS; although browser extensions are not provided.

Military-Grade Encryption

AES-256 encryption is used which ensures top-notch security while protecting your data from cyber threats. Additionally, activity logs are not stored by the company; however basic connection information is logged.

Part of AVG Ultimate Package

Included in the more attractive AVG Ultimate bundle are Internet Security – an antivirus package with webcam protection and real-time threat detection; TuneUp – capable of optimizing device performance by removing unnecessary processes; and finally AVG VPN itself.

Fine Print Concerning Back-end Infrastructure

Allied with Avast SecureLine VPN infrastructure-wise (over 700 servers across 50 locations), it seems that the primary purpose of this service is integration with antivirus software subscriptions rather than a standalone experience like NordVPN or Surfshark.

AVG VPN Comparison with Other Providers

Private Internet Access (PIA) is cheaper than AVG, supporting the same number of simultaneous connections and offering a dedicated IP address add-on. On the other side of the scale, TunnelBear provides similar quality compared to AVG but possesses fewer features and only supports five concurrent connections.