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Use Ivacy VPN As A Weapon For Mass Freedom.

Join me as I explore the nooks and crannies of the budget-friendly VPN in this comprehensive Ivacy VPN review. Ivacy’s official website certainly talks a good game. According to the website, you can choose from over 5,700 servers in 100+ locations. Also, an unbelievable torrenting and streaming experience is on the cards!

But is this all true or a marketing gimmick? That’s the purpose of this guide. I essentially juxtapose what the brand promises with what it delivers using the objective evaluation criteria I use on all VPN guides. I’ll also get you up to speed with how to use Ivacy VPN and more, so stick around.

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Ivacy VPN – Server Coverage

Is Ivacy a good VPN?  As I mentioned in the introductory section of this review for Ivacy VPN, the VPN claims to have no less than 5,700 servers across the globe. In theory, that’s a pretty extraordinary number that’s right up there with the likes of Nord and CyberGhost. The VPN’s server status page, however, reads 3,500+ servers. Also, though the site mentions how the servers are in 100+ countries, I counted just under 70.

Ivacy VPN Review - Server Locations

The disparity on both counts is obviously not a good look, but either way, the VPN’s server count is well above the 1500 industry average. And 70 countries is still an impressive distribution network and way higher than what some VPNs offer. Many servers in more locations translate to easier accessibility and less congestion for better performance. I’ll give Ivacy VPN points for having servers in key countries and overlooked areas like Africa and South America.

Pros and Cons – Ivacy VPN Review

This is a good time to answer a question like — is Ivacy a good VPN? It’s also a great place to get an idea of the advantages and disadvantages users find when they review Ivacy VPN.


  • Extensive server coverage
  • Diverse server locations
  • Affordable subscriptions
  • Decent security credentials
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Simultaneous connection on 10 devices


  • Ownership unclear
  • No Kill Switch for Apple users

Speed and Performance for Ivacy VPN

Sometimes when people ask questions like — is Ivacy a good VPN, they’re trying to gauge the overall performance when using the VPN. Any time you use a VPN, expect a dip in your internet speed since data has to travel via a remote server and encryption software. It’s the degree by which the speed is impacted you should be more concerned about. The Ivacy website promises users ultra-fast speeds. My Ivacy VPN review can confirm that this VPN doesn’t have the fastest speeds on the market, but they are decent enough to get the job done.

Ivacy’s speeds depend on your location and the tunneling protocol used. For instance, I recorded faster speeds with Canadian servers and relatively lower speeds with UK and US servers. If you’re wondering how to use Ivacy VPN optimally, OpenVPN speeds are acceptable but not excellent. Based on this Ivacy VPN review, you’re better off choosing WireGuard for excellent speeds. The security protocol recorded speeds of between 520 and 570Mbps during its best sessions.

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Ivacy VPN Safety and Security Features

Is Ivacy VPN safe? This Ivacy VPN review 2022 shows that the VPN may not be the most feature-dense brand on the market. Nonetheless, it still has some pretty good safety and security features that come with the standard package worth exploring.  

AES-256 Encryption

According to the website, users can expect military-grade protection, and true to form, my Ivacy VPN review picked up AES-256 encryption technology. This is indeed the highest form of encryption technology used by banks and other government institutions. It’s nearly impossible for hackers to crack this encryption and access your data.

Kill Switch Technology

Any VPN worth its salt offers this security feature, and I expected to find it when I review Ivacy VPN. In case of VPN connection failure, the switch kicks in to prevent your location, address, and data from being exposed. When considering how to use Ivacy VPNoptimally, remember that this feature isn’t available on Apple devices.

Ivacy VPN Review - Advanced Features

Tunneling Protocols

Ivacy offers different tunneling protocols you can choose from, and these impact speed, performance, and security. They include OpenVPN, one of the most common security protocols in the industry that offers a more stable and secure connection. Other protocols I found during my Ivacy VPN review include WireGuard, another brilliant security protocol, as well as IKEv2 and L2TP.

Anonymity and Privacy Features of Ivacy VPN

Before we probe deeper into Ivacy’s privacy and anonymity features, it’s worth looking into its origins. From what I see with the Ivacy VPN review 2022, ownership isn’t clear. The VPN is from Singapore, but that’s as far as I could tell about its origins. The VPN’s PR manager went on record to confirm that the company has no ethical obligation to divulge who is behind Ivacy. Also, if you must know, Singapore is a partner of the 14 Eyes Intelligence Alliance, meaning the country potentially shares data with the other members. That also raises the question,” Is Ivacy VPN safe”? The VPN’s safety shouldn’t be an issue if the zero logs policy is anything to go by.

Ivacy VPN Review - Security Features

Apart from your email address and payment data, Ivacy doesn’t monitor or keep track of your internet data.  Another thing I found reassuring with the Ivacy VPN review is the VPN supports anonymous payment transactions. You’re not obligated to share your personal information while making payments.

Platforms Supported at Ivacy VPN

My Ivacy VPN review 2022 found that the VPN supports a wide variety of devices, which is quite refreshing. I’ll even take this opportunity to mention how the VPN simultaneously connects to 10 devices. The VPN is compatible with major platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows.

Ivacy VPN Review - Platforms

To extend its reach and accommodate more users, Ivacy also supports macOS, Amazon Firestick, Chromecast, Kodi, and Linux. Though it supports several devices, it doesn’t offer uniform functionality. Some of the apps have extra features. For example, the iOS Ivacy VPN app doesn’t have a Kill Switch, as highlighted before.

Router and Browser Platform Additions

Gaming fans will be pleased to know that Ivacy supports Nintendo, Play Station, and Xbox. However, according to my Ivacy VPN review, you’ll need to configure the VPN through a router. To achieve this, you should manually configure your router’s settings. Ivacy is also compatible with browse extensions such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Just be cautious when using these browser extensions, as they don’t provide full security coverage.

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Streaming and Torrenting Using Ivacy VPN

No doubt, many prospective users wonder how to use Ivacy VPN for streaming and torrenting before they buy it. On the official website, the VPN claims to unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and Hulu. My Ivacy VPN review 2022 confirms that this is all true except for Hulu. I couldn’t unblock Hulu even after changing the IP address and using some browser extensions.

Ivacy VPN Review - Streaming and Torrenting

But I didn’t face any issues unblocking Netflix and Disney+. In fact, I was also pleasantly surprised to be able to stream HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video even though there was no mention of the channels on the website. I did encounter a few hurdles trying to stream BBC iPlayer and was successful only after changing the security protocols in the app settings. Regarding torrenting, the VPN is also good for the service, thanks to the Kill Switch, P2P servers, and no-log policy.

Other Special Features

For such an affordable VPN, the availability of unique Ivacy VPN software features makes it compete with high-end brands. I found these two features while piecing together the Ivacy VPN review.

Split Tunneling

The Split Tunneling feature spotted in the Ivacy VPN review 2022 allows you to choose the apps that’ll use the VPN. It’s a welcome function if you prefer not to run all your traffic through a VPN server. A typical situation where the feature comes in handy is if you want to stream Netflix in one region while using a local connection for gaming with low latency.

Anti-Malware Feature

This great feature picked up by my Ivacy review encourages secure downloads every time. It helps prevent potentially harmful software during downloads. I don’t have to tell you how this can save your device from catastrophic situations with viruses. The icing on the cake is this feature works in real-time.

Quick Tips – Ivacy VPN Review

Below are a few pointers found in the Ivacy reviews that can aid your selection process:

  • 10 simultaneous connections
  • 3,500+ servers
  • 70+ locations
  • Three pricing plans
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee

Plans and Pricing for Ivacy VPN

Throughout this Ivacy VPN review, I hinted at how the VPN is reasonably priced compared to its peers. It has three pricing plans. The first is the monthly plan which costs $9.95 per month. Secondly, there’s a yearly plan that costs $47.76 per year, which works out to $3.99 monthly.  The last is the 5-year plan which is currently on a limited-time offer.

Ivacy VPN Review - Pricing

Currently, it costs a ridiculously low $1.19 per month. By taking on this plan, you save an incredible 90%! The VPN bills you $71.64 for this plan.  Add to that, it comes with a bunch of perks which include a 30-day money-back guarantee to give you plenty of time to decide. The same plan comes with a free premium password manager!

According to my Ivacy VPN review, you can add a few extra features at a small fee. For an additional $1.99 per month, you can get a dedicated IP address for countries like Australia, Canada, and the US. If you add another $1 per month, you can get the port forwarding feature.

User Experience

The good news is the Ivacy VPN app on most operating systems is easy to set up and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.  Using the app is also intuitive for the most part, even though it seems vague about the purpose of certain sections. Powering up the app is simple by using the grey button in the middle of the screen. 

This Ivacy VPN review found that the VPN comes through with features like Smart Connect, making it easier to use the service. When set to automatic, the feature connects you to the nearest server.  Changing your server location is also simple, using the Location tab. You’ll also see a search option you can use to look for servers in different cities. From what I gather, you’ll have to use your discretion when picking a server because the app doesn’t indicate which one is best.

Recommendations and Conclusion

Ivacy is a great VPN that does the job. Using the VPN, you can go about your internet business on a secure and encrypted connection. It allows basic services such as streaming and torrenting just fine. Speeds are fairly decent, depending on location and security protocols. I’m quite happy with the diverse and extensive server coverage found in uncommon locations. For all these services, the VPN is available at a pretty low price. It could do well to add more Ivacy VPN software security features and improve on some app and connection issues. But overall, I have no doubt it should work for cost-conscious internet users looking for an entry-level VPN.

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FAQ – Ivacy VPN Review

Is Ivacy VPN legitimate?

Ivacy is a Singapore-based VPN that appears legitimate even though its ownership is unknown.

Is Ivacy VPN free

Ivacy isn’t free. However, according to the Ivacy VPN lifetime subscription review, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you purchase the 5-year plan.

Does Ivacy work with Netflix?

Yes, Ivacy VPN easily unblocks Netflix in several regions.

How does Ivacy VPN work?

In case you wanted to know how to use Ivacy VPN, it works by allowing users to use the internet privately. It keeps user data, location, and address hidden and secure.

Where is Ivacy VPN based?

According to the Ivacy VPN lifetime subscription review, the VPN is based in Singapore.

How much does Ivacy VPN cost?

Ivacy is an affordable VPN that has three pricing plans.  According to the Ivacy VPN lifetime subscription review, you can choose the monthly plan that cost $9.95, the one-year plan that cost $47.76, or the 5-year plan that cost $71.64.