AFL Scores 2024: Following Using a VPN

The Australian Football League (AFL) captivates audiences with its high-intensity matches that highlight the strategic genius and physical prowess of its teams. Given our extensive expertise in internet privacy and access accumulated over the last decade, we’re acutely aware of the challenges fans face in keeping up with real-time AFL scores, live updates, and games. The landscape of live sports access, including AFL matches, has grown increasingly complex due to geographic restrictions and heightened online surveillance.

Bypass Geo-Restrictions to Watch AFL Games

As the AFL season unfolds, the excitement knows no borders. However, geographic restrictions can be a significant obstacle for fans eager to engage with live scores and revel in the action of AFL games alongside a global audience. Our seasoned VPN experts are dedicated to ensuring that AFL fans worldwide can dive into the thrilling atmosphere of AFL games, live scores, and grand final celebrations without hindrance.

The challenge primarily stems from geo-restrictions enforced by broadcasters, which limit game access based on the viewer’s geographical location. These restrictions, coupled with varied broadcast rights in different territories, create a complex environment for fans wishing to access live AFL scores and games. The result is a fragmented experience for viewers and a barrier to the AFL’s global fanbase growth.

Additionally, concerns over online surveillance and data privacy have heightened, underscoring the necessity for secure access methods to AFL content. Our expertise has demonstrated that Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) provide a comprehensive solution by circumventing geo-restrictions and bolstering online privacy and security.

Not all VPNs, however, are equal. A VPN’s efficacy in granting seamless access to AFL scores and games hinges on its network robustness, server locations, and privacy safeguards. Here, we recommend some top VPN providers for an uninterrupted AFL viewing experience:

Upcoming AFL Fixtures

Round 5:

Round 5 AFL 2024 Fixtures

Round 6:

Round 6 2024 Fixtures

Round 7:

Round 7 2024 Fixtures

Round 8:

Round 8 2024 Fixtures

Round 9:

Round 9 2024 Fixtures

Round 10:

Round 10 AFL 2024 Fixtures

Round 11:

Round 11 AFL 2024 Fixtures

Round 12:

Round 12 AFL 2024 Fixtures

Round 13:

Round 13 AFL 2024 Fixtures

Remaining fixtures can be found here – times and broadcasters to be confirmed.

Choosing the Right VPN to Watch AFL Games

Selecting an appropriate VPN involves understanding network latency, server capabilities, and encryption protocols. For AFL enthusiasts desiring to watch live games without delays, a VPN with servers in locations with AFL broadcast access is essential. Moreover, the VPN should adhere to strict no-logs policies, ensuring that user activities remain private and secure from surveillance.

Our thorough analysis and testing of various VPN services have highlighted features particularly beneficial for AFL viewers, such as high-speed connections, extensive server networks, and advanced security features like AES-256 encryption and DNS leak protection. A VPN with servers in Australia, for instance, not only enables international fans to watch AFL games live but also allows Australians abroad to follow their favorite team’s games.

Beyond live AFL game viewing, VPNs offer a range of benefits, including secure online activities and the freedom to explore content beyond AFL. Whether accessing international news, streaming services, or secure banking, a VPN is a versatile tool for today’s internet users.

In tackling the challenge of accessing AFL scores and live broadcasts, it’s crucial to acknowledge the varied circumstances of fans. For those in areas with stringent internet censorship, a VPN provides access to AFL content while maintaining anonymity online. Fans in less restrictive regions may prioritize speed and reliability to ensure they don’t miss a moment of the AFL grand finals.


In essence, seamless access to AFL scores and live games in 2024 is achievable through strategic VPN use. Our vast experience in the VPN industry has endowed us with the insight to navigate online access and privacy complexities, enabling fans globally to fully enjoy the AFL season.

Embracing a VPN not only solves the issue of geo-restrictions but also strengthens online privacy and security. We encourage delving into our resources for comprehensive guides, reviews, and expert advice on VPNs, tailored for AFL enthusiasts and beyond, to secure and enhance your online experience.

The final AFL scores for the 2023 season were as follows:

FAQ – Keeping up With the AFL Scores with a VPN

Can I use a VPN to watch AFL live games from anywhere?

Yes! A VPN enables you to overcome geographic restrictions, allowing you to access AFL live games from any location. Connecting to an Australian server grants access to platforms streaming AFL games live, ensuring you remain connected to the excitement regardless of your location.

Will using a VPN affect AFL live streaming quality?

The impact is minimal. Although a VPN may slightly slow down your internet connection due to encryption, high-quality VPN services minimize this effect, offering fast and stable connections for high-definition AFL game enjoyment without significant buffering.

How can I track AFL scores and games while traveling?

With a VPN, accessing websites and apps for live AFL score updates and game information is straightforward, keeping you informed about the latest AFL developments, no matter your travel destinations.

Is using a VPN to access AFL games and AFL Grand Final broadcasts legal?

In most countries, yes. However, the legality of accessing content via a VPN depends on local laws and streaming platform terms. It’s wise to check the regulations in your area and the streaming service’s policies for compliance.

Utilizing a VPN ensures continuous connectivity with AFL live games and scores, bolstering online privacy and security. Opt for a trusted VPN provider for an optimal AFL viewing experience.