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Stephen Thompson

Content Writer and Digital Security Enthusiast

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Stephen pulls our hours of strategic planning, research, and discoveries together and presents them in unique articles and quality pieces of content. As an extraordinary content writer and digital security enthusiast, Stephen ensures the accurate delivery of ideas, concepts, and general information about the world of digital security. He helps to put our ideas into perspective by transforming them into informative content that visitors to the website can read and easily digest. Ensuring that readers and visitors understand the data we try to pass across is vital to us at TechRobot. Stephen makes sure of this by simplifying complex information into bite-sized content, easily graspable by everyone.

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Our Experts

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Ernest Masuka

Tech Writer, Cybersecurity Buff

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Ernest Masuka is a tech writer who’s creating quite the name as a trusted voice in cybersecurity in general, and VPNs in particular. As an Engineering student, he became intrigued with hacking tactics and how to thwart attacks. Today, Ernest writes in-depth guides and reviews to help people find service providers, providing the best security at different price points.When he’s not writing, Ernest enjoys playing Fortnite. He plays Chess at a national level, loves rewatching “The Matrix” trilogy, and engaging in challenging DIY projects.

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Aksel Hellerud

Cofounder and Head of Strategy

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Aksel caught the vision for TechRobot and has never looked back since. As Co-founder and Head of Strategy, one of his goals is to ensure there is no lack of information about the evolving trends and technology concepts that emerge frequently. Aksel takes the lead in matters of strategic planning and develops a long-range of strategic and realistic goals for the rest of the team and organization as a whole. Aksel’s love and passion for cybersecurity and internet privacy is the driving force behind TechRobot’s success story. He is an outstanding leader; firm, open-minded, hardworking, and focused on creating excellence.

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Øyvind Bringedal

Head of PR and Marketing Expert

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Øyvind understands the people, knows what’s best for them, and works hard to ensure that is what they get. Øyvind has many years of experience working in PR and has functioned as a marketing guru in many capacities before joining us at TechRobot. This gave us the confidence to let him take the reins as Head of PR and Marketing on our team. He understands the market and is adept at interpreting technological trends on the market, so we know the best times to make our market move. He also handles our public relations strategies and works to ensure the team is always consumer-focused.

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Axel Wendt

Senior Journalist and Security Researcher

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At the heart of our research at TechRobot, is Axel. Axel has years of experience doing top-notch journalism and uncovering the ins and outs of technological concepts, digital security, and privacy online. Axel loves to get his hands dirty with the raw data, simplifying it and making it accessible to the rest of the team. His research helps us make informed decisions and provide accurate information for readers and cybersecurity enthusiasts on the website. Axel has a knack for tech products and takes delight in presenting this through his findings. His eager eye for detail helps deliver quality research at all times.

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Amanda Knudsen

Junior PR Manager and Planner

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Amanda works hand in hand with the Head of PR to ensure there is consistency and unity in the company message. She is directly involved in ensuring the smooth execution of media campaigns, media strategies, and communications with consumers. Amanda has an eager talent for planning and coordination and finds it delightful to set up events, press releases, and business/consumer interactions.When she is not neck-deep in strategizing and supporting the Head of PR, Amanda is liaising with the Content Writer and Senior Journalist in ensuring the company produces consumer-focused content that is suitable for every category of audience.