IPVanish vs. NordVPN

In today’s digital landscape, privacy and security concerns are paramount. Two popular VPN providers, NordVPN and IPVanish, offer solutions for those seeking increased online privacy and high-speed encrypted internet access. This article delves into the nuances of each service, comparing price, device compatibility, number of servers, and more to help you determine which option is right for you.

NordVPN vs. IPVanish: At a Glance

NordVPN ranks as a reputable choice with affordability in the long term compared to IPVanish. NordVPN also offers a Dedicated IP (DIP) add-on at an additional cost, unavailable with IPVanish. However, IPVanish permits unlimited device connections while NordVPN limits users to six devices. Ultimately, individual requirements will dictate the better fit.

Cheapest Option


Overall score: 9.6

  • Incredibly fast servers
  • Great security features
  • Verified no-logs policy
  • Unblocks streaming platforms

30-day money-back guarantee

Best for Netflix US


Overall score: 9.4

  • Speedy servers
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Offers a 7-day free trial
  • Unblocks restricted platforms with ease

Security and Privacy

Both NordVPN and IPVanish provide the option of configuring your VPN directly onto your router for enhanced protection. Furthermore, both services include a kill switch feature that disconnects your internet connection when not connected to the VPN.

Encryption and Protocols

Both services employ AES 256-bit encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard), the industry benchmark for data encryption strength. Additionally, they utilize Internet Key Exchange Version 2 (IKEv2), Internet Protocol Security (IPsec), and OpenVPN protocols for secure communication between clients and servers.

Unique protocol options include WireGuard for IPVanish users – an open-source project ensuring secure VPN connections without retaining server-side data – while NordVPN features its proprietary NordLynx system based on WireGuard technology.

No-Logs Policy

Adhering to no-logs policies independently audited and verified means neither company stores user data such as traffic destination or content, IPs addresses or timestamps of connections and DNS inquiries.

Dedicated vs Shared IP Addresses

While NordVPN provides dedicated IPs at extra charge but restricts devices to six, IPVanish does not offer dedicated IPs but allows unlimited device connections.


NordVPN’s pricing is more appealing overall, particularly with its annual Standard plan ($4.59/month) and a two-year contract ($3.99/month). IPVanish offers an introductory rate of $3.33/month for the first year, increasing to $89.99 every 12 months thereafter. Both companies provide month-by-month options ($11.99 by IPVanish and $12.99 by NordVPN), though refund guarantees differ.

Servers and Locations

IPVanish boasts 75 server locations compared to NordVPN’s 60 server locations; however, NordVPN operates over 5,000 servers significantly outnumbering IPVanish’s 1,600 servers.

Speed and Performance

Definitive comparisons between NordVPN and IPVanish speeds are challenging due to variations in individual factors such as location or ISP. Nevertheless, both providers consistently deliver high-speed encrypted internet connections coupled with impressive performance levels.

Device and Platform Support

IPVanish directs users to online FAQs for assistance while both services provide email support and live chat options. Additionally, NordVPN features instructional video tutorials for setting up software on devices like Roku or Amazon Fire.

In conclusion, although both VPNs remain top-performers within their industry segment, the choice between IPVanish vs NordVPN will ultimately hinge upon individual preferences pertaining to price structure and specific functionalities like the Dedicated IPs offered by NordVPN or unlimited connections permitted by IPVanish.

Verdict: Is IPVanish Better than NordVPN?

Selecting an optimal VPN hinges upon one’s particular requisites and inclinations. In the ensuing discussion, common factors influencing this decision are examined with respect to two prominent contenders, NordVPN and IPVanish.

Better for Streaming: Tie of NordVPN and IPVanish

NordVPN and IPVanish both boast dependable, swift connections; nonetheless, establishing which provider surpasses the other in terms of streaming remains a formidable challenge. Factors such as server location, VPN protocol, native internet speed, device specifications, and server distance contribute to variations in connection speeds.

Server quantity and distribution significantly impact connection velocity. NordVPN claims over 5,400 servers—more than double that of IPVanish’s 2,000—yet IPVanish provides servers within a greater number of locations (75 versus NordVPN’s 60). Those seeking consistently rapid encrypted connections might consider procuring a dedicated IP address—an additional service provided by NordVPN for an annual price of $70 or monthly fee of $5.83. Regrettably, this option is unavailable through IPVanish.

Better for Personal Use: NordVPN

NordVPN and IPVanish rank among the industry’s most esteemed VPN providers; their prominence is further evidenced by both services featuring within our list of top ten VPNs available on the market today. For initial users seeking affordability, IPVanish offers a yearly subscription at $39.99; however, when considering renewal costs ($68.85 from NordVPN compared to $89.99 from IPVanish), it is apparent that NordVPN prevails as the more economical choice over time. Moreover, only NordVPN extends the dedicated IP service alongside extra utilities like Threat Protection—a feature capable of blocking malware and advertisements once activated through your account.

Better for Business Use: NordVPN

For business proprietors interested in fortifying company-wide security, NordVPN’s NordLayer offers an excellent VPN solution. This platform enables the encryption of all team members’ accounts and ensures diligent monitoring of overall security levels. Additionally, numerous business-oriented characteristics—such as smart remote access, a dedicated account manager for the advanced plan, and customizable DNS—render NordLayer particularly advantageous for professionals seeking to optimize their enterprise’s cybersecurity infrastructure.

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