NordVPN Launches App for Apple TV

Toward the end of 2023, NordVPN unveiled its latest application compatible with tvOS 17 for Apple TV, now accessible through the App Store. This innovation streamlines the process of enhancing online privacy for users, marking a significant leap forward from the previous necessity of configuring NordVPN via a Wi-Fi router. This direct App Store availability signifies a considerable advancement in ease of use.

Employing a VPN on Apple TV addresses multiple challenges associated with smart TV usage, such as navigating internet restrictions, managing IP oversight, and mitigating streaming latency. NordVPN enriches the tvOS experience by:

NordVPN for Apple TV – Features and Benefits.

NordVPN for tvOS offers the best of premium VPN services and guarantees a stable VPN connection.

Your online traffic is routed through secure VPN servers within NordVPN’s extensive network, which covers more than 60 countries. Just click the “Quick Connect” button and you’ll be connected to the nearest and fastest server within seconds.

With NordVPN for tvOS, you also get fast connections thanks to the lightweight NordLynx protocol that guarantees maximum speeds.

How to download NordVPN for tvOS?

You can easily download NordVPN for tvOS from the Apple TV App Store. Search for NordVPN, select it and follow the clear on-screen instructions to download the app.

After downloading the app, you will be prompted to log in or create a new account. If you already have a Nord account, simply log in and new users can subscribe to your plan. After registering and installing the NordVPN app, you can find the “Quick Connect” button and connect.

That’s it!  Now you can more securely enjoy your favorite content on Apple TV thanks to the world’s fastest VPN service.

How was NordVPN’s Apple TV app received by users?

If you read the user feedback on NordVPN’s website, it is mostly positive. The first version of NordVPN for Apple TV, available now, includes all the features you need for the “basics.” More advanced features seem to be still in development.

For example, a user asks about the availability of hidden servers. In other words, it is a VPN server that hides the fact that you are using a VPN and allows you to use it even in very restrictive environments.

Obfuscated server availability is a work in progress.

Screenshot of NordVPN’s website – Dola Server

Another user asks how to find a specific IP address in the app. This is useful, for example, if you need access to work materials that can only be accessed if your company has pre-approved your personal IP address. You may also wonder how often you need work materials on your Apple TV. Another advantage of a specific IP address is that it allows you to avoid CAPTCHA verification, which many people who share an IP address often encounter.

Allowing users to use their dedicated IP address with the Nord VPN on Apple TV is a work in progress.

Screen capture of NordVPN website – Assigned IP address

Based on the screenshots, these features are not yet available for NordVPN’s Apple TV app, but at least they seem to be in the works or planned.


NordVPN’s new app makes life a lot easier if you want to use a VPN with your Apple TV. While not all features are available yet, I think it is more than sufficient for everyday use. The team at NordVPN also seems to be actively working on further developing the app and adding additional features.

In summary, NordVPN’s app for Apple TV significantly eases the use of VPN services on the platform, offering a solid foundation for privacy and streaming quality improvements. While it currently focuses on core functionalities, ongoing development efforts are aimed at introducing more sophisticated features to meet diverse user needs.

For an in-depth exploration of NordVPN, including an analysis of its features, usability, and pricing, consider reading a comprehensive review. This will provide a detailed perspective on the VPN provider’s offerings and how they can enhance your online security and streaming experience.

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