Atlas VPN Review 2024: Good, But Is It The Right Choice?

Atlas VPN Review










"Atlas VPN opens doors to content regardless of your location."

Whether you’re someone who knows about VPNs or not, it always helps to read unbiased reviews and evaluations. That’s exactly what we pride on having across Tech Robot, and in our Atlas VPN review, users will be able to learn and understand exactly what Atlas VPN is all about.

Atlas VPN is a newcomer in the VPN industry. Having been in business since 2019, the freemium VPN service provider’s goal is to “make digital privacy and security accessible to all.” Like its slogan, Atlas VPN is truly making the digital world safer for its users. In addition, Nord Security, the team responsible for NordVPN recently acquired Atlas VPN, and with its experience in the VPN industry, you can rest assured it will keep you safe online. 

The US-based VPN services tick most of the boxes required to make it a great VPN service. It has great unblocking capabilities, robust security, a reliable zero-log policy, fast servers, a free plan, and an affordable premium subscription. Below, we will take an in-depth look at one of the best budget-friendly VPN services on the planet. 

The Atlas VPN Server Network

In conducting our Atlas VPN review we found that this particular VPN has over 700 servers spread across 31 countries globally. It’s not a massive server network, but it’s decent enough to satisfy those who are not bothered by having too many options. Europe boasts having most of Atlas VPN’s servers as there are 23 European countries on its server list.

North America, Asia, and Australia account for the rest of Atlas VPN’s server network. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have servers in Africa or South America, so if you’re looking to watch content in those two regions, you’ll have to look elsewhere. 

Streaming Capabilities with Atlas VPN

Several people use VPNs because they want to bypass geo-restrictions on streaming platforms. In our Atlas VPN review, we found that the software works excellently with most of the streaming platforms available. As a matter of fact, all servers available to premium subscribers are optimized for streaming (you’ll find an “Optimized for streaming” caption under servers). 

You’ll be able to unblock platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and many more. Unfortunately, Atlas VPN didn’t yield positive results with DAZN, but not to worry, not many VPN services can get past it, but we’ve made a list of the best VPNs to bypass DAZN. Getting an Atlans VPN free account will work well for streaming, as will a paid account too.

Does Atlas VPN Support Torrenting?

If you look at Atlas VPN’s application, you won’t find any servers dedicated to torrenting. However, that does not mean the budget-friendly VPN service does not support torrenting. Fortunately, Atlas VPN’s servers perform well when it comes to torrenting or any P2P activity. 

Even free users are not left out as they can download or upload torrent files with ease. However, premium users are more likely to have faster download and upload speeds than free users. So, while Atlas VPN does not advertise its torrenting capabilities, you can rest assured you’ll have little or no issues torrenting. 

Atlas VPN Review of Speed and Performance

Speed is another metric that is important to VPN users. Using a VPN will always affect your speed because your data has to pass through an Atlas VPN server before reaching its destination. Also, encrypting your data reduces speed. However, Atlas VPN does a good job of trying to maintain your connection speed. 

After testing its servers across multiple locations, our Atlas VPN review revealed that servers closer to your location perform far better than long-distanced servers. In addition, using the WireGuard protocol compared to IKEv2 will give you the best performance. Still, know that your speed before using Atlas VPN is also important—the VPN won’t perform any miracles unless your ISP decides to throttle your bandwidth.

Security of Atlas VPN

In terms of security, Atlas VPN does its best to keep you secure. While it does not mention the type of encryption it uses, we reached out to its customer support team and discovered it uses AES-256 encryption. Anyone trying to infiltrate your network will have a hard time getting past that encryption cipher. 

In addition, Atlas VPN uses two robust VPN protocols—WireGuard and IPSec/IKEv2. These protocols give you the perfect blend of security and performance so you can enjoy using the VPN and feel safe at the same time. Also, it has a formidable kill switch you can use to prevent your device from connecting to the internet without Atlas VPN. 

During our AtlasVPN review, we were also able to test the split tunneling feature that you can activate when you only want to protect specific applications on your device. It worked rather well and there’s still more to come since Nord Security recently acquired it, you can expect more security features in the future. 

Atlas VPN and Privacy

Atlas VPN’s privacy features include advanced in-built leak protection and a watertight no-log policy. Its leak protection feature ensures malicious actors looking to monitor your connection are unsuccessful by preventing unwanted IP (IPv4 & IPv6), DNS, or WebRTC leaks

In addition, its no-log policy is transparent and airtight despite AtlasVPN having its headquarters in a founding member country of the Fourteen Eyes Alliance. Furthermore, VerSprite, a third-party security audit company, has verified that AtlasVPN will protect your privacy and is safe to use. 

Atlas VPN Plans and Pricing Structure

Atlas VPN is one of the most affordable VPN services in the market. It has three subscription packages: a monthly plan that costs $9.99, a one-year plan that goes for $2.49 monthly, and a three-year plan that costs $1.39 per month. All subscription packages have a 30-day refund policy. 

In addition, it offers a 7-day free trial period which you can extend if you refer people to join the Atlas VPN family. Furthermore, Atlas VPN puts no limit on the number of devices you can use simultaneously.

Unfortunately, AtlasVPN does not yet support cryptocurrency payments. However, you can pay with Google Pay, PayPal, and credit cards. 

Is there an Atlas VPN Free Version?

We’ve already pointed out in our Atlas VPN review that there’s a free version of this highly functional VPN. In fact, the Atlas VPN free version is incredibly popular purely because it costs nothing and provides so much more than other VPNs in the same sphere. Free users don’t need to open an account with Atlas VPN – they can just download the application and start using it. 

However, they have access to only three server locations—Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and New York. In addition, none of these servers are streaming-optimized servers. Furthermore, mobile users have a 2GB daily data limit, so you have to be mindful of your data usage. So, the premium version is your best bet if you want a pleasurable experience with Atlas VPN. 

Does Atlas VPN Work in China?

There is no certainty from Atlas VPN’s customer support team that the US-based service provider can work in China. China’s stance on VPN usage remains the same. The Chinese government has continued to develop its great firewall to prevent VPNs it cannot influence from being available in the Chinese internet space. So, Atlas VPN currently does not offer obfuscation servers that can get past China’s great firewall. 

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Atlas VPN initially started as a mobile-only (Android and iOS) VPN service, but it has evolved and created applications for Windows and macOS devices. Its mobile applications are similar and offer more features than their desktop counterparts.

Unfortunately, there is currently no application for Linux users. In addition, there is no support for other devices, such as routers and Smart TVs. Overall, Atlas VPN can do better when it comes to making its app available to everyone. 

To install and set up the Atlas VPN application, all you need to do is head over to their website (for desktop applications) or app store (Apple App Store or Google Play Store) and download the VPN application. After installation, you can connect to any server of your choice. You can check settings if you want to configure anything. However, you need to sign up if you want to upgrade to premium.

User-Friendliness and Customer Service at Atlas VPN

In terms of user-friendliness, Atlas VPN is doing a great job. Its applications are easy to navigate, ad-free, and are very user-friendly. The user interface is smooth and pleasurable to the eye. Additionally, you can download, install, and set up the application in a few minutes. 

Atlas VPN offers support in the form of a help center where you can find information, a web form for ticket submission, and email support. It lacks a vital support feature—24/7 live chat. While the time it takes for its email support team to respond is not super fast, they always respond articulately. Overall, Atlas VPN can do much better when it comes to customer support; a 24/7 live chat is necessary. 

Other Features

Atlas VPN may not exactly be feature-rich, but it has some great features you can check out when you download and install its application. Below, we’ll take a look at these features. 


SafeSwap is a feature that keeps changing your IP address while you’re connected to a server. As a result, it makes it extremely difficult for anyone to track you online by looking at your IP address. AtlasVPN has dedicated SafeSwap servers for premium users. You can only choose from three SafeSwap locations—the US, Singapore, and the Netherlands. However, the Atlas VPN team is working on adding more locations. 


SafeBrowse (or SafeBrowse Plus on Apple devices) is a security feature that prevents malicious ads, websites, and trackers from infecting your device. It is a premium feature that is not available to free users. So, how does it work? When you come across a blocklisted malicious site, the VPN service will deny access to that site. That way, you have no encounter with the site. 

Data Breach Monitor

Data Breach Monitor is another security feature you want to inspect. This feature checks whether your data, such as account credentials, is in any data breach database. All you need to do is type your email address, and the Data Breach Monitor will display the results of its search.

Is AtlasVPN Worth Your Money?

Atlas VPN’s three-year premium plan is a bargain at $1.39 monthly; you’re unlikely to see any other VPN service offering as low as that. However, your expectations will determine if the US-based VPN service is worth your money. It is not exactly feature-rich, but it does the basics. 

For example, Atlas VPN is a brilliant choice if you want a budget-friendly VPN solely for streaming. It is fast, offers unlimited bandwidth, and has security features to keep your connection secure. You just have to make sure that the location or country you want to unblock is available on Atlas VPN’s server list. So, is AtlasVPN worth your money? It is certainly worth every cent if you’re looking for something simple that focuses on protecting your connection and unblocking geo-restrictions. 


Atlas VPN is an easy-to-use, inexpensive VPN service with primarily basic features. It might have a small server network compared to the top VPNs, but it is reliable in unblocking geo-restrictions. With robust security features, Atlas VPN has no issues keeping bad actors away. In addition, the location of its headquarters does not stop it from keeping your data private.

Furthermore, AtlasVPN is cross-platform compatible and has user-friendly applications on Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android. While it can improve in some areas, it does the simple things the easy way. Finally, Nord Security’s recent acquisition of Atlas VPN only shows things will get better; you don’t want to be left out when that happens. 

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