The Best VPNs for India

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Increased internet censorship and surveillance by the Indian government in recent years has increased the popularity of VPN services in this region. For example, the government banned over 200 Chinese-owned apps in 2020, restricting citizens from connecting to apps such as TikTok and WeChat.

As the Indian government intensifies its online surveillance efforts, it’s no surprise the country is among the largest markets for VPNs worldwide. When you install a VPN, all Indian restrictions can be navigated, and you can access content tailored for “India Only” from anywhere.

Ideal for users who want to access Indian content while overseas. With a VPN, you can stream blocked apps and banned websites, be it for gaming or otherwise. In addition to the appeal of access to worldwide streaming, enhanced online anonymity is another reason for getting a VPN with your IP hidden to protect you from intrusive authorities.

Is using a VPN legal in India?

Despite a series of attempts to remove VPN services in India altogether, the country hasn’t outrightly banned them. There are no laws that make VPNs illegal, so it’s safe to say using a VPN in India is legal.

The Parliamentary standing committee of home affairs did propose to ban VPNs in 2021, labelling them as cyber threats. Nothing has been set in stone since then, so using a VPN is still free for all. We won’t, however, completely disregard any potential risks involved, considering we aren’t legal advisors. Just make sure you’re aware of the risks before using a VPN.

Why did so many VPNs remove their Indian servers in 2022?

On 28 April 2022, the Indian government took a dramatic step and imposed new VPN data laws to curtail user privacy. Lawmakers demanded that all VPN services must collect data for VPN users and share it with the Indian government. The reason behind this law is the country intends to investigate cybercrime using this information. Of course, the statute was met with resistance by several VPN services that opted to drop Indian servers instead. Even so, they still allow interested users to connect to offshore India servers and access content privately. 

Is it possible to get an Indian IP Address without a VPN?

It’s possible to get an Indian IP address without a VPN, even though we don’t recommend it for security, speed, and stability reasons. A known way to access an Indian VPN address without a VPN is using a proxy service. Ordinarily, your device connects directly to the website each time you browse online without a VPN. When you use a proxy server, it makes the connection for you, by rerouting traffic via its server.

Another option is to use The Onion Router(TOR) browser. Though heavily encrypted, it’s quite slow. That’s because, while it provides anonymity, you need to follow a complex route requiring several steps and manual editing to change your location.

What Indian TV can I watch with a VPN?

India is a diverse nation with a rich culture, which is why people around the world want to access content from the country. You’ll find loads of unmatched entertainment, from the latest Bollywood releases to the Indian Premier League. Hotstar is India’s most popular streaming service, with over 100,000 hours of movies and drama in 17 languages. Zenga TV is another popular streaming service with a library of evergreen Indian movies, such as Dost, Maya, and Dhaal.

Can I stream Bollywood Movies from outside India?

Stepping outside India, whether it’s for a mini vacation or work, shouldn’t stop you from watching your favourite Indian movies. Several options are available to keep up-to-date with your favourite shows. The best and simplest way to stream movies when traveling outside India is using a VPN. The download and installation process for a VPN is quick and painless. You also have the peace of mind of using a proven method that guarantees anonymity, security, and privacy while browsing.

How to choose the Best VPN for India

TechRobot has been objectively reviewing VPNs for years, so you can trust that our recommendations are on the money. After hours of research, we came up with three India VPN picks, all featuring a money-back guarantee offer. You can put them to the test before you commit.

Overall Best in Our Tests


Overall score: 9.8

  • Super-fast servers
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Supports private protocol, Lightway
  • Money-back guarantee

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

ExpressVPN is one India VPN that stands out from the competition with premium features and servers all over India. With servers in over 94 locations, including Mumbai and Chennai, you won’t have trouble locating one if you travel overseas. Just be sure to pick the one right at the top as it’s usually the fastest. Speaking of speeds, you shouldn’t have lag issues with ExpressVPN, known for its fast-blazing speeds that are ideal for smooth HD streaming and bypassing ISP throttling. It boasts an average download speed of 89Mbps.

Cheapest Option


Overall score: 9.6

  • Incredibly fast servers
  • Great security features
  • Verified no-logs policy
  • Unblocks streaming platforms

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

NordVPN is another top-rated India VPN with extensive server coverage, and over 30 of them are in India. The VPN is impressively adept in unblocking some of the world’s most popular streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. That’s because the servers run on NordLynx, a proprietary protocol effective at unblocking geo-restricted sites. Also, if stealth is more your thing, you’ll be happy to know that NordVPN has obfuscated servers that can mask your VPN usage altogether.

Best for connecting multiple devices


Overall score: 9.5

  • Allows unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Integrates Stealth mode
  • Multihop feature available
  • 3,000+ servers

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

SurfShark stands as the best India VPN if you’re looking for an affordable, multi-device service. Where some VPNs limit the number of devices you can connect, SurfShark allows unlimited device connection. Also, for just over $2 a month on the 2-year plan, users have access to solid OpenVPN encryption that prevents government surveillance. You can browse the internet freely without worrying about censorship measures and your digital moves being tracked. On the same price plan, you can enjoy a strict no-log policy, so rest assured the VPN won’t be sharing your online activities with the Indian government.

Free VPN services in India

It’s only natural to question the need to pay for a VPN when you can get one for free. But the reality is most of these free VPNs are better off avoided. Many free VPN services have no real interest in safeguarding user privacy and could sell your data to any takers. The data is then used to create targeted ads. Also, some free VPNs offer less robust encryption, which can leave you compromised. No wonder most free VPN users are targets for scams and spyware. So, if you can help it, rather go with an affordable paid service to avoid unnecessary headaches.


What is the best VPN for India?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to use for India, owing to its lightning-fast speeds and impressive server coverage. You can’t fault its performance and security as it uses military-grade encryption to protect users.

Which free VPN is the best for India?

Windscribe is the best free VPN to use for India, even though you need to upgrade to get access to more Indian content. It offers unlimited device connection, a Kill Switch, and a lo log policy.

Can I use a free VPN in India?

You can use a free VPN, but we advise against it. Most free VPNs come with security and privacy concerns. Also, you have to endure endless ads which put you at risk of malware attacks.

Which VPN has most Indian servers?

NordVPN has the highest number of Indian servers, over 30, to be exact. This is not surprising, given how it has 5,400 servers worldwide.

Will a free VPN work with Netflix and Hotstar?

Yes, a free VPN can allow you to access Netflix and Hotstar. Just make sure you pick a trusted free VPN to avoid compromised security and privacy.

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