Does NordVPN Work With Hulu? (Updated for 2024)

Does NordVPN Work With Hulu? (Updated 2024)

Does NordVPN Work With Hulu

Hulu is one of the best paid streaming sites you could find. It offers a choice of premium movies and videos to watch at your convenience. This provides an alternative to Cable, especially for folks looking to binge-watch TV shows with no hassles. 

However, Hulu is plagued by the same challenges popular streaming platforms grapple with. It uses geo-restrictions on its platforms. What purpose do those restrictions serve? They make available Hulu content for users in specific locations, blocking access from unapproved regions. At the moment, Hulu is available to just subscribers in the United States. 

This is certainly no good news for streaming enthusiasts. Not to worry, a VPN offers you a way out that is both easy and straightforward. When it comes to VPNs, you can scarcely find one better than NordVPN. In this review, we answer yes to the question of whether you can access Hulu with NordVPN.

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Why Do You Need NordVPN for Hulu?

Hulu, just like most streaming sites, uses geo-restrictions on its platform. Why is this so? Mostly, this is because of the licensing agreements for the contents on the platform. The agreements permit Hulu to broadcast such content only to users within the United States. It cannot go against the express agreement it acceded to. 

More so, Hulu employs restrictions to foster exclusivity. The idea is that the value of a Hulu subscription and account increases with its exclusivity. If only a few people can access the content, the more valuable it becomes. This would further serve as an incentive for more folks to grab a subscription.

How does Hulu identify users outside of the United States? Through their IP addresses. Every IP address has a unique location identifier. Simply put, you can tell where a person is through their IP address. The algorithm on the Hulu app identifies IP addresses coming from unauthorized locations. It then blocks and prevents them from having access. 

Most streaming sites do not have the means to go beyond this point. Thus, for such platforms, you could easily beat their encryptions with any VPN. However, Hulu means business when it comes to its geo-restrictions. Its systems are primed to pick up IP addresses that have VPN coverage. It even goes as far as creating a list of VPN-protected IP addresses. It recognizes these IP addresses because they have a huge convergence of users. Thus, as soon as Hulu notices that hundreds of users share one IP address, it flags that IP address and blocks it.

NordVPN, however, is so sophisticated that it faces none of these challenges. We will get into the specifics in the next section.

Does NordVPN Work for Hulu?

NordVPN is one of the best VPNs in the industry. It sets the standard for most VPN service providers. This provider meets and exceeds any threshold you could think of when it relates to a VPN. For instance, NordVPN has no less than 5000 servers in multiple locations across. This gives you an almost inexhaustible range of options to choose from. Thus, if you need to switch servers for any reason, you can do that without any issues. 

NordVPN is excellent in terms of security also. All of its servers come under the protection of the AES 256-bit military-grade encryption. This is so tough that it is used even by the United States military. This service provider does not stop at this. It further provides other remarkable security features that make for a seamless experience for users. It comes fitted with a kill switch, allows for split tunneling, and supports great protocols that are trustworthy. Every subscriber gets the double VPN feature. This allows you to route your traffic through the servers twice. This doubles your level of encryption and strengthens your privacy and security. It integrates well with the Tor network and even provides features for anti-DDOS.

When it comes to streaming, NordVPN is unmatched. It makes sure users can stream content, even in HD, free of interruptions, lacks, and any other sort of buffering. You can count on this provider when it comes to unblocking restricted content, even on tough sites like Hulu. First, NordVPN’s fleet of servers is impressive. At the moment, it has close to 1500 servers in the United States, one of the highest globally. To unblock Hulu, you need a US IP address. Connecting to a NordVPN server in the United States makes this possible for you. As already stated, one of the 1000 + NordVPN servers in the United States suffices. If you even need to switch servers, you can do so easily. 

More so, NordVPN beats Hulu’s firewall with its specialty servers known as obfuscated servers. As earlier mentioned, streaming sites like Hulu sometimes detect when a person is using a VPN, even though that ordinarily ought not to be the case. NordVPN’s obfuscated servers make it virtually impossible for such a situation to arise with its users. When you use an obfuscated server, your IP address will appear like every other regular one. That way, Hulu does not get tipped off about your true location. You can then stream and download your heart’s content. 

You must understand that a lot of providers make the bold claim that they can get around geo-restrictions. That is often far from the truth. However, you can trust NordVPN when it comes to unblocking Hulu. The provided has been tested and is now trusted by even stakeholders in the industry. If you seek a provider that assures you of uninterrupted access to Hulu’s restricted content, NordVPN is the way to go.

How to Set Up and Use NordVPN for Hulu

As you must no doubt perceive at this point, accessing restricted content on Hulu is no mean feat. NordVPN, however, provides easy steps to do so with minimal intervention and interruptions. Here is the step-by-step process to get started:

1. Get a NordVPN Subscription

If you aren’t a current subscriber of the VPN, it would be impossible to take advantage of this offer. First-time subscribers can get on the VPN’s website to kick off the process formally. If you’d want to renew your subscription rather, you simply pay for the offer you need and kick things off from there too.

2. Download and Install the VPN App

The next step is to download and install the VPN app on your mobile device or router. It is advisable to download your VPN app either from the official NordVPN website or from your device’s app store. Of course, you could use third-party apps. However, you cannot guarantee the safety of those apps. They could be infected with malware.

Afterward, install and run the app. Installation is no different from any other app. Just follow the prompts, and you are home-free.

NordVPN has apps for the major device types. However, for bypassing Hulu’s restrictions, only macOS, Linux, and Windows devices will work. This feature is unavailable for iOS and Android devices. This is because they use the latest Hulu apps that demand access to location services. Nonetheless, you can use all of the mobile apps for any other function you need a VPN for.

3. Connect to a US Server

NordVPN has more than 1000 servers in the United States alone. You can connect to any of these servers to get started. 

4. Stream!

Get NordVPN for Hulu

How Safe are Free VPNs?

If you are a techie, you must have come across free VPN providers. These free VPNs claim to beat the firewall of streaming platforms such as Hulu. How true is that? We will answer this question under two headings. 

1. Free VPN Providers are Unreliable

This is a summary of the effectiveness of free providers. You cannot guarantee that they would give access to the platforms they promise to have direct access to. Streaming sites like Hulu have some of the strongest firewalls you could find. Just like the way a VPN is impervious, that is the way these sites are too. Paid subscribers sometimes even have a hard time breaking through the barriers. Unpaid providers who usually lack their paid counterparts’ sophistication cannot then validly boast of strong unblocking abilities. 

2. Free VPNs Compromise Security

Furthermore, you may be endangering your security if you use free providers. Free providers routinely mine and store the data of their users. They then sell to third parties such as data mining companies, etc.  The rationale for this is that these providers need the means to sustain their enterprise. Thus, if you choose to go with this option, be aware that you might be seriously walking into danger. 

In addition, these sites often grapple with subpar security features. Your account on the platforms may get infested with bugs, malware, etc. Any ‘diligent’ hacker can devise means of breaching a user’s privacy, as long as they use the free option. 

To keep safe, go with a paid provider such as NordVPN. It makes sure that you get your money’s wealth. NordVPN offers relatively cheap offers; you can sign up for any, pay, and start enjoying Hulu TV shows and movies. 

Why isn’t NordVPN working with Hulu?

When this happens, it means Hulu has detected and blacklisted the current NordVPN’s IP address you are using. Sometimes, Hulu blocks NordVPN. This is because Hulu has only US broadcasting rights. Due to NordVPN’s widespread usage for accessing Hulu outside of the United States, Hulu may face significant financial penalties if it is found to violate the terms of its content and licensing agreements. As a result, you will not be able to continue using NordVPN to access Hulu until you find a solution.

NordVPN not working with Hulu: Solutions 

The following are steps that can help you solve issues when NordVPN is not functioning with Hulu. 

1. Delete Cookies

A cookie is a little piece of data used to enhance your experience on various websites and applications. They don’t pose a threat, but the data they store may reveal your exact position if misused. Some websites and applications request that you allow cookies, while some don’t.

Even if you’re not using NordVPN, Hulu may still be able to obtain this information. Your connection will be blocked if the IP address NordVPN has provided you and the cookies saved on your device do not line up. To solve NordVPN not functioning with Hulu, it’s a good idea to delete your cookies first.

2. Switch to another US-based web server.

If Hulu suddenly stopped operating while you were using NordVPN, then Hulu has identified and blocked the IP address NordVPN has provided you.

This does not necessarily imply that Hulu has blacklisted all of the IP addresses NordVPN may supply.

If you switch to a different US-based server, you will get a new IP address. NordVPN should function again if Hulu has not blocked that one.

Frequently Asked Questions About NordVPN Working With Hulu? (Updated 2024)

Yes, it is. Hulu’s terms of service do not mention anything specifically about using VPNs or proxies. However, Hulu says the use of software and other tools that interferes with how you use the platform is illegal.

If Hulu finds that you’ve gone against their terms of service, it will send you a notification and block your access to the platform. Nonetheless, there’s not been any known case of anyone being blocked from using Hulu because of a VPN. However, Hulu blocks VPN connections when it detects that you’re using a VPN.

On the other hand, it may be illegal to use a VPN with Hulu if you’re in a country where VPNs are banned. 

Will a VPN slow my connection on Hulu?

Technically, yes. All VPNs reduce your internet speed to some extent because the process of running your data through an encryption tunnel takes some time. However, NordVPN offers super-fast connections and unlimited bandwidth that’s excellent for streaming Hulu. This means that the VPN improves your connection speed while other services might fail to do that.

Is it okay to use a free VPN with Hulu?

Although free VPNs may work with Hulu, it is not advisable to use one of these services with the streaming platform. Free VPNs are not the best options because they don’t offer top-tier security and privacy features as paid premium services.

For example, a free VPN might expose your card details when trying to pay for your Hulu subscription. This is because it may not be equipped with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. Also, these free VPNs may have viruses and malware that can damage your device.

In terms of privacy, free VPNs don’t perform excellently either. Some providers store and sell users’ traffic, or you could suffer IP leaks. So, it would be best if you only considered premium VPNs.


A VPN is useful in certain instances, especially to keep you safe while on the internet. However, you can use it to bypass restrictions on streaming platforms such as Hulu. In this article, we affirm that NordVPN can indeed get around the blocks on Hulu. You can try its 30-day money-back guarantee option to test the waters before going all out.

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