Does ExpressVPN Work With Netflix Japan? (Updated 2024)

Does ExpressVPN Work With Netflix Japan? (Updated 2024)

Netflix lies at the top of a list of streaming services with the most subscribers; it has over 200 million people paying for its services. A couple of reasons for its dominance include its reach and catalog. It is practically in every region of the world. Mainland China, Syria, North Korea, and Crimea are the only countries without a Netflix presence.

However, despite its extensive library of shows and movies, you do not have unrestricted access to all of its catalog. This is where using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) comes in. The primary purpose of a VPN is to create a secure online tunnel where users can send traffic from their devices without having to worry about infiltration. While that is important, Netflix users are more concerned about getting past geo-restrictions Netflix places on its content. 

Why Do You Need a VPN for Netflix Japan?

Despite it being available in almost every country, access to Netflix libraries will depend on your location. It is why you may not have access to a particular program or show that others in another region have. Netflix uses geo-restriction technology to ensure that it is challenging to access another library outside your country or region. 

The one way to get past such restrictions is to use a VPN. VPNs mask your IP address with the IP address of a server in the country you intend to unblock its Netflix library. The only case where you don’t need a VPN to access Netflix’s Japanese library is when you are in Japan. The problem now remains to find a VPN service provider that can unblock content accessible to Netflix users in Japan.

Many VPN service providers claim to unblock Netflix and have failed. Some can even give you access to a few libraries but might not be able to allow entry to Netflix’s Japanese library. With Netflix having the ability to detect and block IP addresses associated with VPNs, only VPNs with sophisticated technology can allow you into the different Netflix libraries. Such VPN service providers provide the best security and privacy features, reliable customer services, and access to other premium services. 

Does ExpressVPN Work With Netflix Japan?

ExpressVPN sits at the top of premium VPNs that you can use to bypass restrictions on Netflix’s Japanese library. Netflix continues to work on identifying VPN services and successfully blocking them from bypassing geo-restrictions. Actively fighting against its subscribers using VPNs, it has successfully prevented several IP addresses belonging to VPN service providers from accessing its content. It is one of the reasons why VPNs that could unblock it previously are now having issues bypassing restrictions.

Even ExpressVPN has been hit by Netflix’s aggressive fight against VPNs; not all servers in Japan can successfully unblock Netflix. However, it has been resilient in ensuring that a good number of its servers in Japan work with Netflix. Its three separate server locations are enough to cater to your needs to access the full Japanese library. 

ExpressVPN’s speed also makes it one of the best VPN services to use with Netflix. You can watch Japanese shows on FHD or UHD, depending on your original connection speed. ExpressVPN has several basic and advanced features that prove that it is one of the best VPN services to use with Netflix. 

How to Set Up and Use ExpressVPN on Netflix

In order to set up and use ExpressVPN on Netflix, you need an account on both ExpressVPN and Netflix. First, we will show you how to set up ExpressVPN, then how to set up Netflix. Let’s take a look at the process involved in setting up ExpressVPN on your device. 

1. First, you need to get an ExpressVPN account. Head over to the ExpressVPN website and click on the “Get ExpressVPN” button. Buy a subscription plan that suits you (ExpressVPN has three subscription plans) and register with your credentials (email and password). 

2. Once the registration process is complete, the next thing to do is download and install the ExpressVPN application on the device you intend to use to watch Netflix’s Japanese content. ExpressVPN supports several devices, so just look for your device’s operating system and download the application for it. There is also support for manual configuration in case your operating system does not have a custom application. 

3. After downloading and installing, launch the application and log in with your ExpressVPN credentials (username and password). Ensure you accept all necessary permissions ExpressVPN needs to run. 

4. Once you have access to the application, check the list of servers, select a server in Japan and wait until the connection is successful. 

5. Once you connect to that server, you can go on to create a Netflix account or sign in to your previously created account. You can navigate the ExpressVPN application to change settings as you desire. For example, if you need to use the VPN on only Netflix, you can turn on the Split Tunneling feature and select Netflix. You can also use the Kill Switch to prevent Netflix from seeing your original IP address if the VPN connection cuts off. 

Steps for Setting Up Netflix

Now that you have seen how to set up ExpressVPN let’s look at how to set up Netflix. 

1. The first thing to do is to make sure your ExpressVPN connection is on and connected to a server in Japan. 

2. The next thing to do is create a Netflix account (sign in if you already have an account). Head over to the Netflix site and select the “Get Started” button. Netflix has three different subscription packages: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Choose any plan that meets your needs.

3. Next, you need to create an account with your preferred email address and password. In order to complete the registration process, you will need to select a payment option and input your payment details. Note that you will not need to pay for the first month if there is a free trial option (you will have to pay for the first month if there is no free trial).

4. You need to check if Netflix supports your device before you download the application (you shouldn’t have to worry because Netflix is compatible with several devices). Depending on your preference, you can either use the application or use the Netflix website through your browser. (Note that Netflix does not have standalone applications for computers; you can only access it through a web browser.) 

5. If you’re using it on your mobile device, download the application and sign in with your credentials. Make sure your VPN connection covers the application. Now you can watch any show available on Netflix Japan.

Why Use ExpressVPN for Netflix?

ExpressVPN is a premium VPN that exceptionally delivers the best service to its customers. Using it for Netlfix allows you to take advantage of its many premium features. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using ExpressVPN for Netflix.

1. Exceptional Unblocking Prowess

Express VPN’s server network makes it one of the most sought-after VPN service providers. It has a presence in 160 separate locations spread around 94 countries. This makes it an attractive choice for anyone who wants to explore Netflix libraries worldwide. It can unblock several Netflix libraries, including Japan’s. Apart from that, in terms of performance, ExpressVPN will give you reliable and speedy connections to ensure you have a pleasurable experience using it for Netflix. 

2. Maximum Security

ExpressVPN will make it impossible for anyone to gain valuable information by monitoring your internet traffic. Even your ISPs cannot see your traffic when you use ExpressVPN. Its security features protect your data and ensure that you maintain your privacy. Features like 256-bit encryption, perfect forward secrecy, Split Tunneling, a Kill Switch, leak protection, and Onion over VPN work together to keep your data away from malicious hackers. 

3. Cross-Platform Compatibility

There is no question about ExpressVPN’s cross-platform compatibility as it has custom applications for popular operating systems and manual instructional guides for others. It uses secure protocols to ensure that you are not at risk of data destruction or theft no matter the device you use it. ExpressVPN also has browser extensions you can easily set up and use on your browser to bypass Netflix’s geo-restrictions. 

4. Excellent Customer Support

ExpressVPN’s customer support structure ensures that there are several points users can get help from. It has a 24/7 live chat feature where support agents are ready to answer any questions you have. You can also check FAQs to see if there is already a solution or answer to your problems or questions. Setup guides are available if you have any issues setting up ExpressVPN on your device. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Using ExpressVPN with Netflix Japan

Should I use a free VPN as an alternative to ExpressVPN for Netflix Japan?

No, using a free VPN for Netflix Japan is likely to be a disaster waiting to happen. Unlike ExpressVPN, free VPNs cannot usually guarantee the safety of your data as it passes through their servers to its destination. In addition, some of them sell your data to raise money for their server infrastructure. Furthermore, they may not even have servers in Japan, and even if they do, there’s no guarantee they can bypass Netflix’s geo-restriction technology. So, it is better you become an ExpressVPN subscriber than risk going through all the negatives that come with using a free VPN. 

Is it safe to use ExpressVPN to watch Japanese Netflix?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to use ExpressVPN to watch Japanese Netflix. ExpressVPN uses the best security and privacy features to ensure your connection is secure enough to prevent malicious network attacks. For example, it uses AES-256 encryption combined with perfect forward secrecy and VPN protocols such as Lightway, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, and IKEv2 to keep a robust security perimeter. ExpressVPN also supports Tor over VPN for additional security if you need it. So, ExpressVPN is certainly a safe option for watching Japanese Netflix.

Is it illegal to use ExpressVPN to watch Japanese Netflix?

No, it is not illegal to use ExpressVPN to watch Japanese Netflix. Japanese laws do not condemn VPN usage. However, if you’re watching Japanese Netflix from another country, you have to consider the laws in that country. Not to worry, there are not many countries that restrict VPN usage. However, if you find yourself in any, be careful to follow the laws or law enforcement might come after. 

What shows and movies will ExpressVPN give me access to Japanese Netflix?

The Japanese catalog on Netflix consists of several interesting shows and movies, especially the popular anime category. ExpressVPN will give you access to movies and shows such as Tsukimichi, Death Note, My Hero Academia, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, Baki, Tokyo Revengers, SAS: Red Notice, Hit and Run, Nevertheless, and Encounter.


With Netflix making it challenging for VPNs to bypass geo-restrictions, the relentless ExpressVPN is a brilliant choice for anyone outside Japan looking for access to Netflix’s Japanese content. With an extensive server network, premium security features, exceptional speed, and reliable customer support, you can trust that using ExpressVPN for Netflix will result in a pleasurable experience. 

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