Does NordVPN Work With Netflix Japan? (Updated 2024)

Does NordVPN Work With Netflix Japan? (Updated 2024)

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms out there. It offers exclusive shows and movies that you would be unable to find anywhere else. More so, it has its tentacles spread across several countries, creating specific libraries for each country it has a presence in.

However, Netflix, like most streaming platforms, makes use of geo-restrictions. These restrictions prevent you from accessing Netflix content outside designated locations. Furthermore, you could experience speed lags and buffering when you use the platform. Finally, there may be inherent dangers lurking on the internet when you use your stream Netflix movies without protection.

A VPN, however, eliminates these challenges. One of the best VPNs in the market is NordVPN. In this review, we discuss the efficacy of NordVPN when it comes to integration with Netflix.

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Why Do You Need a VPN for Netflix Japan?

In the introduction, we briefly touched on the need to use NordVPN with Netflix. In this segment, we do a more elaborate analysis. Here are some of the reasons you need NordVPN for Netflix:

1. Combating Geo-restrictions

Geo-restrictions are blocks instituted by service providers such as Internet Service Providers (ISPs), streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, etc. These platforms designate geo-specific content for their users. Thus, when it detects that you are looking to access its services outside of the designated location, it automatically blocks you.

How does the service provider detect users outside of a designated location? It does this through their IP addresses. Basically, when you are on the internet, your device communicates with servers. Thus, each device has a location identifier connected to its network. This alerts the platform of your location when you connect to Netflix from unauthorized locations, thus activating the restriction.

However, NordVPN is useful in such a situation. It helps you throw the service provider off your trail. Thus, regardless of the geo-restrictions on the platform, you can break through with no issues.

2. Enhancing Speed

When you use a VPN, your internet speed drops. Excellent providers try to keep the speed difference to a minimum. That is exactly what NordVPN does.

However, you can also experience lags while using streaming sites. Some ISPs deliberately throttle the speed of users they find streaming. Furthermore, you may run into challenges when you exceed the bandwidth cap allowed by your ISP.

A VPN steps in here also. NordVPN creates a tunnel for your network. This shields you not just from the attacks of nefarious elements on the internet and also protects you from your ISP. Your service provider will not be aware of your activities. Thus, it would have no reason to throttle your streaming speed. Likewise, the provider has no bandwidth cap. You will not run into the danger of exceeding your limit.

3. Online Protection

A VPN’s primary job is keeping you safe while you are online. When you stream content on Netflix without any sort of protection, you would be leaving yourself open to attacks. In the first place, cybercriminals would have a field day with your details if you leave yourself unprotected. Similarly, you could run into malware that’d destabilize your network. Clicking on an innocuous-looking link could be the beginning of heartache for you.

NordVPN also comes through here. It encrypts your network, preventing anyone from having access to it. Thus, even though you’d be online, snoops and cybercriminals will find your account impenetrable. Furthermore, it has an in-built malware protector that clears any malware you encounter while online. With NordVPN, you cannot go wrong once it comes to protection.

Does NordVPN Work with Netflix?

Yes, indeed, NordVPN works with Netflix Japan.

You must understand that even though streaming platforms employ geo-restrictions, Netflix’s is a peculiar case. Towards the end of 2016, the streaming platform became stringent with its geo-block policies. It created libraries for different countries, preventing users outside of such locations from breaching its encryptions.

Specifically, Netflix is strict about preventing VPNs from aiding users to bypass its blocks. It makes use of some of the toughest encryptions for any service provider. Thus, many VPN providers found that they could not get around these blocks, however hard they tried. Similarly, it routinely identifies and blocks IP addresses that use VPN protection. On account of this, many VPN providers gave up trying to get around Netflix’s blocks, especially in Japan.

As you can expect, NordVPN is not in the leagues of regular VPNs. Its features are strong enough to combat the encryptions on platforms such as Netflix Japan. Thus, with it, users can reliably access the streaming sites, regardless of their physical location.

The provider has more than 80 servers stationed in Japan alone and more than 5400 globally. A subscriber just has to connect to a server in Japan to bypass the blocks on the streaming platform. This is because when you connect to a server in Japan, This will give you a Japanese IP address. Thus, Netflix will think that you are genuinely present in the country.

NordVPN further provides a group of specialty servers known as obfuscated servers. Obfuscated servers are specifically crafted for situations such as this. It hides the fact that you are using a VPN. Combined with the security features you find on the service, you appear almost undetectable.

Beyond all these, NordVPN also unblocks the Netflix libraries of other countries. Hence, you would be able to switch between different countries. If you have any specific Netflix library in mind, you need only connect to a server in that location to get started.

How to Set Up and Use NordVPN on Netflix Japan

Follow the steps below to set up and use NordVPN on Netflix Japan.

Get a subscription plan. NordVPN has several offers you can choose from.

Download and install the app if you are a first-time subscriber. You can either download the app from the NordVPN website or from your device app store. Ensure that whichever you download is verified as authentic.

1. Install and run the VPN app.

2. Sign in with your subscription details. You may be required to allow some  permissions to fully set up your account. Do so and finish the process.

3. Go to the VPN’s list of servers and connect to a server in Japan. Once your connection is successful, you can then head over to your Netflix app to start streaming.

Steps for Setting Up Netflix Japan

Now that you have connected to a Japanese server, you can stream unhindered. The full steps are below.

1. Download and install the Netflix app.

2. Get on a subscription offer. (You may also use the trial version for this.)

3. Log in and run your app. Your suggestions and offers will be from the Japanese Netflix library because you will be deemed to be in Japan.

4. Stream!

Get NordVPN for Netflix Japan

Why Use NordVPN for Netflix?

NordVPN is a solid option for whatever use you need a VPN for. Below are some of the features that make it an indispensable option for Netflix Japan.

Outstanding Unblocking Ability

NordVPN is well regarded in the industry for its unblocking abilities. It gets around firewalls and blocks on almost all platforms. It is even strong enough to get around the Great Firewall of China.

Its server count and spread aid it greatly when it comes to achieving this purpose. The provider has no less than 5400 servers spread across 59 countries, with 80 stationed in Japan. This is a good spread and one of the highest in the industry. There is hardly any location that is not covered. Apart from Netflix Japan, if you need to get around the blocks on any other platforms, NordVPN makes it possible.

Great Security Features

Security is one of the strong points of this provider. It starts off its slew of features with the AES 256-bit encryption standard. This is the standard military-grade encryption model used even by the United States’ military. In addition, it has a host of other features specifically to enhance privacy and security. These include the split tunneling feature, kill switch, obfuscated servers, and reliable security protocols. It has a double VPN feature that routes your traffic through its servers twice. This doubles the encryption and level of protection that your device enjoys.

Excellent Streaming Speed

With this provider, stories of lags that accompany VPN-use will be just that – stories. You would experience excellent and un-buffered streaming. You also get zero bandwidth caps with this provider. There is no danger of being cut off because you have exceeded your limit.

Affordable Plans

This provider has plans and offers within your reach. You can set up an account really quickly, with no challenge whatsoever. The provider also allows you a 30-day window within which you can use the service and request a refund if unsatisfied. When you utilize this feature, you can potentially use the service within that window at no cost.

Simultaneous Connections

NordVPN allows 6 devices simultaneous connections. It is also compatible with most device types. This affords you the flexibility you may not find with other providers.

Frequently Asked Questions on Whether NordVPN Works With Netflix

Why do I need a VPN to watch Netflix Japan?

If you’re living outside of Japan, you cannot access any of the content on Netflix Japan without a VPN. It is because Netflix has geo-restrictions on some of its content. The platform is only allowed to show some of its content to viewers in specific locations— in this case, residents in Japan. However, with a VPN, you can change your IP address and make it seem like you’re streaming from Japan — hence gaining access to the platform. Additionally, you’ll have optimum privacy and security if you decide to use a VPN. 

Is NordVPN good for streaming Netflix Japan?

Yes, NordVPN is ideal for accessing Netflix Japan. NordVPN has about 80 servers in Tokyo, so you can easily change your IP address and access Netflix Japan from anywhere. Moreover, the VPN provider has some of the best security features to prevent cyber attacks. It also keeps you anonymous and maintains your privacy when surfing the internet. With the VPN provider, you’ll have access to all content on Netflix Japan and have a secure connection at a cost-effective price. 

Yes, there is no law against using a VPN to access Netflix Japan. You can legally use a VPN, but you’ll be going against Netflix’s policy. Nevertheless, there’s no legal penalty for using a VPN to access the streaming platform’s content. If Netflix discovers you’re using a VPN, the geo-block will be restored on your account. 

However, several countries don’t allow the use of a VPN. They are China, North Korea, Iraq, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Oman, UAE, and Uganda.

How do I change the region on my Netflix account?

You can easily change the Netflix region on your computer or on the browser of your smartphones and tablets. In most cases, just refreshing the browser or restarting the app after connecting to a VPN will help you access Netflix Japan. However, if you still don’t have access after refreshing the site or app, you can clear the cache and restart Netflix.


If you are a Netflix Japan fan, you may be bummed out to find that you will be unable to connect to it outside the country. In addition, you may encounter challenges like speed lags when you use the platform. For both situations, NordVPN steps in to save the day. This article tells you all you need to know about this provider.

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