How to Watch J:COM Outside Japan (Super Fast & Easy)

How to Watch J:COM Outside Japan (Super Fast & Easy)

Jupiter Communications Co., Ltd. (with the J:COM brand name) is an organization that majors in the broadcasting of TV programs. Their programs are done over either digital satellite or cable television channels. However, we are more concerned about their services over the internet.

The digital arm of J:COM maintains a vast archive of Japanese films. This collection is made available to subscribers through the internet. So, virtually all Japanese movies screened in a Japanese cinema are available on J:COM. 

However, like several other digital services in Japan, J:COM contents are geo-restricted. Here’s why. J:COM only has the license to broadcast its content to people within Japan. This is why it blocks any foreign IP address looking to access the site. But trust us, we have just the solution to that problem. 

How to Watch J:COM Outside Japan With a VPN

Our solution makes it seem like you’re sending your device to Japan while outside the borders. Here’s what we mean. You can trick the geo-blocking technology of J:COM into thinking you’re accessing their films from within Japan. Such tricks are made possible only by a VPN. 

A VPN is software that allows you to allocate a different IP to your device while hiding the original one. Since the IP address is the identifier of your device location, a Japanese IP address is all your device needs. Here is a quick guide to using a VPN to access J:COM:

  1. Identify a VPN capable of bypassing J:COM’s geo-restrictions 
  2. Download and install the VPN client app
  3. Connect to the VPN provider’s server in Japan 
  4. Enjoy all video contents of J:COM 

Top VPNs for Watching J:COM Outside Japan 

Irrespective of your experience with VPNs, we have put together a list of VPN services well-tailored for use with J:COM. Here they are:

Overall Best in Our Tests


Overall score: 9.8

  • Super-fast servers
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Supports private protocol, Lightway
  • Money-back guarantee

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Undoubtedly the first among many, ExpressVPN is the best to watch movies with J:COM. The outstanding services they provide for subscribers have earned them allegiance. Though they offer no discounts for their charged services, you get the value for every unit of your currency. That said, the backbone which their server network provides makes ExpressVPN’s service one-of-a-kind. 

In the past few years, most online VPN reviews rank ExpressVPN as the best. This service consistency is not easy to maintain, especially with several new VPN providers springing up daily. ExpressVPN does not just grant subscribers access to online services local to Japan, it also affords the best security and privacy features you can find available with any provider. 

ExpressVPN has a thorough experience with providing commercial VPN service. They have perfected their expertise because of their early entry into the market. ExpressVPN enjoys a network of over 3000 servers in 90+ countries of the world. The exciting news is: a handful of these servers are in Japan. Local servers, fast broadband internet, bring these together, and you have the perfect VPN for streaming videos online.

Speaking of security, the most robust encryption technology (AES-256) keeps nosy fellas at bay. With ExpressVPN, you have the assurance of no worries about your personal information getting compromised on the internet. Furthermore, it is encouraging to know that they don’t store your info on their servers due to their no-log policy. Also, on some occasions, fake internet traffic (intentional or otherwise) may flood your network. ExpressVPN’s DNS servers filter off such traffic before forwarding it to your device. Forthwith, the DNS servers much help the speed of ExpressVPN service. 

For each ExpressVPN subscription, you can connect a maximum of 5 devices. If you run into a technical hurdle while using their service, they have 24-hour live customer support. You can also use the 30-day money-back guarantee to check the quality of their service; you’re likely to subscribe for premium subsequently.

Exclusive offer for Techrobot readers: $6.67/month (Save 49% + 3 months free)

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Cheapest Option


Overall score: 9.6

  • Incredibly fast servers
  • Great security features
  • Verified no-logs policy
  • Unblocks streaming platforms

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The new generation of internet users accesses online services across multiple platforms of technology. The ability of NordVPN to support various platforms is one of the features that make their brand distinguished. Hence, whether you’re watching Japanese movies on a SmartTV, Android or iOS smartphone, macOS, Windows or Ubuntu-powered laptop, NordVPN has got you covered. 

NordVPN ranks as one of the most reliable services because they also have a robust network of servers. With about 5300 fast-speed servers in 58 countries, they provide one of the fastest connections over VPN. Nations with the Deep Packet Inspection Firewall cannot censor the use of NordVPN, unlike other providers. With a sizable number of their servers located in Japan, NordVPN is perfect for streaming J:COM films. 

Whenever you connect to the internet via NordVPN, a double encryption technology protects your packet data from encroachers. Furthermore, you get to choose between two security levels – Ultra-fast and Ultra-secure. Like the names imply, Ultra-fast tones down on data encryption, while Ultra-secure deploys all supported security protocols. The former is suitable for NordVPN users that prioritize streaming speed over security.

If you encounter any challenge while installing or using NordVPN, you can contact their 24-hour customer support. Other providers use a live chatbot for customer support; however, NordVPN uses actual human representatives. Additionally, NordVPN does not grant users outside Japan access to J:COM alone. You can equally use other streaming services like Netflix Japan, NicoNico and GYAO

Best offer: $2.99/month (Save 71% + 3 months extra!)

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Best for connecting multiple devices


Overall score: 9.5

  • Allows unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Integrates Stealth mode
  • Multihop feature available
  • 3,000+ servers

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Surfshark is another VPN service with a robust server network that will give you access to J:COM outside Japan. This VPN service provider is present in 65 countries, including Japan. Its server network in Tokyo ensures that you will have zero problems streaming content on J:COM outside Japan. 

Beyond Japan, it has over 3000 reliable servers you can use for other country-specific content. So, Surfshark works if you’re not only a fan of movies on J:COM but other streaming platforms as well. Additionally, it has quick servers that will make your experience on J:COM a pleasurable one. Apart from NordVPN and ExpressVPN, Surfshark is faster than most VPNs. 

Like ExpressVPN, Surfshark also has its headquarters in the British Virgin Islands. This position keeps it away from spying governments and alliances, especially the 14 Eyes Alliance. Surfshark also has a zero-log policy in operation, ensuring it does not have access to logs that can show its users’ online activities.

Security-wise, J:COM fans will be glad to find out Surfshark uses an impenetrable encryption algorithm and provides end-to-end encryption using secure VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, WireGuard, and IKEv2. Additionally, it offers double encryption with Double VPN and also has an adblocker to stop malicious ads. 

Surfshark is affordable and cross-platform compatible as you can install it on many operating systems, including iOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and macOS. Finally, you will get a full refund if you request within 30 days of subscribing, and there’s no limit to how many devices you can use concurrently.

Best offer: $2.49/month (Save 85% + 2 months for free)

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Best VPN with a Free Version


Overall score: 9.0

  • Free version available
  • Strong security features
  • Reliable no-logs policy
  • Allows Perfect Forward Secrecy

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

It takes a lot of grain to contend for the top spot among the best VPN services. But ProtonVPN meets (and even surpasses some of) the requirements. 

ProtonVPN does not has as many servers as some other providers on this list. However, its relatively few servers are super-fast and up to the task. ProtonVPN has an army of some 600 servers spread around the globe, in over 40 countries. The physical presence of ProtonVPN in Japan is the factor that qualifies it for use with J:COM. 

Having its headquarters in Switzerland, ProtonVPN falls under the umbrella of Swiss privacy laws. Hence, it can maintain a strict no-log policy that prevents third-parties from gaining access to user data. Even ProtonVPN does not keep records of its subscribers’ data. They have a robust security framework, which makes ProtonVPN one of the top choices. 

With multiple VPN protocols and security features to pick from, ProtonVPN is perfect for bypassing content or website restrictions. So, you have the appropriate VPN for bypassing J:COM geo-restriction from outside Japan. Also, you don’t have to be all geeky to use their apps; they are user-friendly. Thus, making your J:COM experience an enjoyable one. 

It is noteworthy that, despite its service quality, ProtonVPN offers a free version of their app. Though not as robust in functionality as the premium service, the free service still provides quite commendable VPN capabilities. 

ProtonVPN also lets you access other Japanese streaming shows overseas, such as AbemaTV and TVer. ProtonVPN may not be very popular in the league of VPNs; it is undoubtedly one of the best. 

Best offer: $4.99/month (Save 50%)

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Best VPN with a free version


Overall score: 8.2

  • Offers dedicated IP addresses
  • Allows torrenting and P2P file sharing
  • Great pricing
  • Free version available

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Trust.Zone comes fourth on our list, being a new service. It is not as popular as the older VPN services. 

Trust.Zone is very particular about user privacy, which is why they practice a No-log policy. In addition to this, they offer subscribers the option of payment using cryptocurrency. Paying with Bitcoins makes the subscriber practically anonymous because it is unnecessary to supply personal details when using this payment option. 

Trust.Zone has just 160 servers in 35 countries, which may cause you to wonder if it is good enough to use with J:COM. Well, though few, Trust.Zone has most of its servers in Japan, making it useful for streaming high-quality videos outside Japan. 

Individual client apps made available for different platforms make Trust.Zone usable on popular devices. Linux, Windows, iOS, MacOS, and Android devices all have dedicated Trust.Zone client applications. From whatever location in the world from which you’re accessing J:COM, connect Trust.Zone and enjoy video streaming at unlimited bandwidths. 

The Japanese IP address assigned to your device grants you access to Japanese services. The security features, on the other hand, protect the data you share over the internet. Online protection is made possible by the military-grade AES-256 bit encryption technology. Trust.Zone ascertains the privacy of users by strictly observing a No-log policy. In effect, hackers, your ISP, and online surveillance agencies cannot lay hands on your data. 

Also, it is worthy of note that Trust.Zone comes with four pricing options. You can connect up to five different devices for each paid account. Trust.Zone also comes with a 3-day free trial window to test their services before paying for premium. 

Best offer: $3.33/month (Save 63%)

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

A solid veteran


Overall score: 8.5

  • Free service trial
  • Strong security features
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • $2.79/month (save 75%)

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You read that name right; it is not a typo but a literal narration of what the app does. Privacy, security, and fast connection speed are the hallmarks of HideMyAss. 

HideMyAss has special fast servers installed to allow video streaming. These fast-speed servers make it possible to stream J:COM films at speeds of up to 20Gbps; from any location in the world. 

Besides having client apps that can work with about any Operating System, HideMyAss allows you to connect up to five devices simultaneously. 

HideMyAss has a robust network of some 1100 servers in 190 countries. A No-log policy, military-grade encryption technology, and high-speed connection makes HideMyAss a top contender on our list. All the mentioned features would be useless without a local Japanese server. But luckily, a sizable number of HideMyAss servers are in Japan. This strategic location makes HideMyAss a right choice for bypassing J:COM’s geo-restrictions from outside Japan. 

HideMyAss allows a 7-day free trial of their service and a 30-day money-back premium experience. 

Best offer: $2.79/month (Save 75%)

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

How to Choose a Good VPN for J:COM

When selecting VPNs to use for video streaming services like J:COM, Netflix, etc., certain features are practical to consider. For accessing services licensed and limited to Japan, you cannot afford to wave the following factors.

1. Servers in the preferred location

The top-notch features of a VPN will be inconsequential if it does not have servers in the location of intent. In the case of J:COM, all the VPNs in our list have servers in Japan. By implication, they can grant your remote device a local IP address. 

2. Speed for streaming

Since the content you want to unblock is video, it is essential to seek out VPNs that provide high-speed connections. Such VPNs will permit users to stream video content with no buffering. The five VPNs on our list all offer high-speed connections to their Japanese servers. 

3. No-log Policy

It is one thing to watch quality Japanese films on J:COM, and another to preserve your privacy while doing so. Some VPN providers are notorious for monetizing the browsing history and personal data of their users. 

However, we made sure to screen off all such services from our list. And leaving those that run an active no-log policy. 

4. Price

To break even, providers of free VPN services sell subscriber info to third parties. A thorough perusal of the five VPNs on our list indicates that they all offer paid services. However, the multiple plan options of these VPN providers make it possible to select an alternative that best suits you.

On second thought, most of these top VPN services may indeed seem expensive to some users. Nonetheless, considering the implication of breach in online security or privacy will change VPN users’ resolve.

5. Money-back guarantee

For Japanese residents who have gone away on vacation, but want to keep up with their favorite series, a VPN with money-back offers is priceless. Subscribing to a 3-months plan for a 5-day holiday will be foolhardy. Thus, using a VPN with a money-back guarantee becomes the best way out. 

Advantages of Using a VPN for Watching J:COM Outside Japan

There are many positive reasons people use VPNs for streaming platforms like J:COM. For example, a significant portion of VPN users want access to geo-blocked streaming sites or keep themselves secure on the internet. Below, we will look at some of these advantages.

1. Access to Streaming Platforms

Country-specific streaming platforms do not allow access to their content because of copyright laws. This means they do not have the license to allow people outside their countries to watch channels, shows, and movies on their platforms. As a result, many people rely on VPNs to bypass geo-restrictions on these platforms.

2. Security and Privacy

The internet as we know it is not very secure; anyone with the right knowledge and tools can spy on your activities. VPNs help keep J:COM subscribers safe by making it challenging for anyone outside the VPNs protection to spy or steal data from them. If you use a public internet connection, you are at a greater risk of data exposure than using a private connection. So, a VPN can protect you and give you access to geo-restricted sites like J:COM at the same time on public networks. 

3. Multiple Connections

Most VPNs allow simultaneous connections. For example, ExpressVPN allows up to five simultaneous connections. This means you can watch J:COM on as many devices as you want without having to always log out from your account if you’re going to switch to another device. 

4. Speed and Bandwidth

It might come as a surprise that we mention speed and bandwidth, but VPNs can positively affect both. J:COM subscribers might unknowingly have their bandwidth reduced due to ISP bandwidth throttling. In such cases, connecting to a VPN service can significantly improve their connection, giving them better video quality on J:COM.

Frequently Asked Questions on Watching J:COM Outside Japan

Can I use a free VPN to watch J:COM outside Japan?

Yes, you can use a free VPN to watch J:COM outside Japan. However, we do not recommend free VPNs because of caps that can prevent you from having a pleasurable experience on J:COM. For example, most free VPNs do not offer unlimited bandwidth as premium VPNs do. In addition, some free VPNs lack the sophistication needed to bypass geo-restrictions in Japan or protect you from malicious actors. As a result, they cannot give you access to J:COM, which is a deal-breaker. So, while you can use a free VPN, we do not recommend you use one. Fortunately, there are many affordable premium VPNs above. 

Will a VPN affect streaming speeds on J:COM?

Yes, there is a speed reduction that comes with using a VPN. There are two main reasons why a VPN affects your internet speed. Firstly, your internet requests pass through the VPN server before getting to their destination. Secondly, the resources a VPN server uses to encrypt your data as it moves through the server slows down your connection speed. However, premium VPN services make that reduction as minimal as possible; you are likely not to feel it, except your connection was already slow before using a VPN.

Is it lawful to use a VPN to watch J:COM outside Japan?

Yes, it is legal to use a VPN to watch J:COM outside Japan. There is no law that does not permit the use of a VPN in Japan. It is the same in many other countries. However, it can be illegal in countries that don’t permit using a VPN. In addition, doing anything unlawful with a VPN will not automatically make it lawful. For example, it is unlawful to use a VPN to hack someone’s account or commit any malicious act on J:COM.

What’s the best VPN I can use to watch J:COM outside Japan?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN you can use to watch J:COM outside Japan. It is reliable, fast, secure, and feature-rich. In addition, it has multiple server locations in Japan, including two in Tokyo and one in Yokohama. Furthermore, its support team is always available to respond to anyone that encounters problems unblocking J:COM.


You don’t have to regretfully stare at the “you’ve been blocked” message on your device screen. Any of the VPNs recommended above will help you bypass whatever geo-restrictions you encounter on J:COM. Subscribe to any of them to get going. With that in place, you’re well on your way to enjoying all the Japanese movies you want on J:COM.

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