Your Guide to ExpressVPN - ExpressVPN FAQ

Your Guide to ExpressVPN – ExpressVPN FAQ

Consistently named one of the fastest VPN providers in the industry, we provide all the answers you’ll need in our ExpressVPN FAQ before you give the service a go. It doesn’t matter if you have all the technical knowledge in the world or you’ve never heard of a VPN, our ExpressVPN FAQ answers all the vital questions.

What is ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is a VPN provider offering more than 3,000 RAM-only servers in 95 countries that is well-known for effective security features, ensuring customer anonymity, and proven effectiveness for streaming, gaming, and torrenting.

How Does ExpressVPN Work?

ExpressVPN uses military-grade encryption protocols to provide tunnelling options that hide your internet traffic, protect your identity, and spoofs your IP address so you can access content from other locations. ExpressVPN works by providing VPN servers via an app or browser extension. 

What is ExpressVPN used for?

You can use ExpressVPN to hide your identity when accessing the internet. ExpressVPN can also be used to access geo-locked content such as Netflix, and it can be used to securely access P2P networks for torrenting.

What does ExpressVPN do?

ExpressVPN provides more than 3,000 VPN servers across 94 countries. These servers allow users to secure their traffic and spoof their IP addresses. ExpressVPN provides several tools for additional security and privacy.

Is ExpressVPN good?

We certainly think so. Our full ExpressVPN review gave this VPN service a very high score and we commended ExpressVPN on the incredible speeds of its servers, how well those servers handled online gaming and its proven effectiveness at preventing DNS leaks.

How much does ExpressVPN cost?

ExpressVPN offers 3 subscription plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee. A single-month plan is billed at $12.95 while a 12-month subscription will cost $8.32 per month. You can grab a middle-ground subscription with a 6-month plan charged at $9.99 per month.

How many devices can be used with ExpressVPN?

The ExpressVPN app can support 5 connected devices simultaneously. However, using ExpressVPN on a router can increase the number of devices that can be connected at once as many devices can simply join that WiFi network.

ExpressVPN works on Linux, Windows, Chromebook and macOS computers, as well as both Android and iOS smartphones. Even the Kindle Fire is supported. You can install ExpressVPN on many different routers and there are extensions for Firefox, Edge, and Chrome internet browsers.  

How to Cancel ExpressVPN

There are several ways to cancel your ExpressVPN subscription and the method is determined by how you pay for your subscription. If you pay for your renewing subscription via credit card or PayPal, you can simply head to the ExpressVPN website, access your account, and choose to turn off the “Automatic renewal”.

Subscriptions paid for through either Google Play or iOS App Store can be cancelled by cancelling your subscription from within those respective app stores.

How to get an ExpressVPN trial

There are two ways to get an ExpressVPN trial. The first method is to sign up and pay for any of the available plans. Each plan has a 30-day moneyback guarantee and users only need to cancel their subscription within the first 30-days to complete a one-month free trial.

In some instances, an ExpressVPN promo code can be used to claim a free trial or a discounted trial period. These codes are easy to input and just need to be used when placing your order for a subscription.

Who Owns ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is owned by a UK-based cybersecurity company called Kape Technologies. This company owns several popular VPN services including CyberGhost, ZenMate, and Private Internet Access.

How to Refund ExpressVPN

The only time you’ll be able to get a refund from ExpressVPN, in any normal circumstance, is when cancelling your subscription before the end of the 30-day moneyback guarantee period. Simply follow the standard cancellation procedure for your specific subscription type and be sure to cancel before the initial 30-day period ends.

To be sure your refund will be processed correctly, you can contact ExpressVPN via the Live Chat feature and tell an agent that you have cancelled your subscription and require a refund.

How to Install ExpressVPN on Apple TV-

While there is no dedicated ExpressVPN app for Apple TV – and tvOS – you can still set up ExpressVPN for Apple TV. You’ll have several options to choose from including installing ExpressVPN on your WiFi router, using your PC as a WiFi hotspot, or leveraging the DNS feature of the MediaStreamer platform.

Using your PC as a WiFi hotspot is arguably the easiest method and simply requires installing and running ExpressVPN on your PC or Laptop. You can then hotspot your network while connected to a VPN. Our guide at TechRobot provides more details on using the DNS service for MediaStreamer.

How to setup ExpressVPN on Samsung Smart tv

There are three different ways to set up ExpressVPN on a Samsung Smart TV. The simplest method is to use ExpressVPN on your PC and create a hotspot for your Samsung Smart TV to connect to. Similarly, you could use ExpressVPN on your router and have the TV connect to that VPN network instead.

The third method is to use MediaStreamer by either registering your IP address on the ExpressVPN website or registering your DDNS hostname. Our full guide at TechRobot provides a set-by-step guide on finding your DDNS hostname and registering it with ExpressVPN.

How to use ExpressVPN on PS4

If you want to deal with issues like ISP throttling when playing online multiplayer games, you can set up and use ExpressVPN on a PS4. In fact, the following methods will work for a PS3, PS5, and various iterations of the Xbox. There are three ways to use ExpressVPN on the PS4.

Gamers can either register their DNS hostname on the MediaStreamer platform, install and run ExpressVPN on the router that the PS4 connects to, or simply create a WiFi hotspot using a PC.

How to use ExpressVPN on LG TV

LG TV uses webOS which is unsupported by the ExpressVPN software. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a workaround. You can set up ExpressVPN on an LG TV via three different methods.

You can either use a PC as a mobile hotspot and have your LG TV connected to that network or similarly, you could set up ExpressVPN on your router and allow your LG TV to connect to that network. Alternatively, you could follow our guide and use a SmartDNS proxy connection configured with ExpressVPN.            

Can you get ExpressVPN lifetime access?

Lifetime access refers to an indefinite VPN account that is purchased with a single up-front cost. High-quality VPN providers do not offer these plans as they are not very cost-effective. Like many of the best providers, there is no ExpressVPN lifetime access plan and the biggest subscription you can grab is a 12-month plan.  

Use the ExpressVPN Free Trial

If you want to fully experience the fast servers, high-grade privacy and security features, and the unlimited bandwidth of ExpressVPN, just head to ExpressVPN and trial any plan with a 30-day money-back guarantee today.

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