5 Best VPNs for Brave Browser: VPNs That Actually Work in 2024

The Brave Browser is one unique browser that is becoming increasingly popular. The reason for this is its focus on security. This browser is one of the few that blocks ads and protects users against data tracking. Thus, unlike other browsers, you do not have to grapple with ads while using the browser. More so, the browser wipes out your browsing history whenever you finish with a session. All of these are fantastic for enhancing security.

However, there are still some loopholes in the security provisions of the brave browser. This makes it imperative that you combine a VPN with its use. A VPN (Virtual) Private Network makes sure that your anonymity and security is complete while using the browser.

In this review, we show you the top VPNs to use with the Brave browser.

There are several VPN providers in the market today. One thing is certain: they all claim to be the best. However, common sense tells you that that can hardly be the case. Below, we’ve tested these VPNs, providing you with 7 providers you can rely on.

Overall Best in Our Tests


Overall score: 9.8

  • Super-fast servers
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Supports private protocol, Lightway
  • Money-back guarantee

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

ExpressVPN is an exquisite provider with fabulous features. It is the industry leader when it comes to VPN-provision. You can trust that when you combine this VPN with the Brave browser, you will be as secure as can be.

ExpressVPN has more than 3000 servers in 120 locations and 94 countries. When you log on to the VPN, your network gets routed through the VPN. This encrypts your network, effectively shutting out snoops and cyber hacks. Also, if you need to change your location, you can do so with the VPN. This is in the instance that you want to access a geo-restricted platform like Netflix or Hulu.

Apart from these, ExpressVPN has unique security features. For instance, it uses the AES 256-bit encryption on all of its servers. Furthermore, it comes fitted with a kill switch, which automatically kicks if the VPN fails. You can also split-tunnel your traffic between the secure tunnel provided by the VPN and your regular traffic. Thus, you can browse securely while using your mobile banking app, for instance.

ExpressVPN makes sure you can use its service regardless of the device you own. Hence, you will find apps for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux devices. You can connect 5 devices to one ExpressVPN account. You can also take it a step further and install ExpressVPN apps on your router. This increases the number of devices you can connect to the VPN.

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Cheapest Option


Overall score: 9.6

  • Incredibly fast servers
  • Great security features
  • Verified no-logs policy
  • Unblocks streaming platforms

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

In the VPN market, NordVPN is second only to ExpressVPN. In fact, when it comes to that, the difference between the two providers is negligible. NordVPN is a powerful provider in its own right. Hence, we strongly recommend this VPN for use with the Brave browser.

One thing you can count on is topnotch speed with NordVPN. Its 5000+ servers are enhanced to eliminate all forms of lags. Thus, while surfing, streaming, or downloading content with the Brave browser, you will have the best speed available. More so, if you want to stream content from geo-restricted websites, this provider is the way to go. Whether you want to access Netflix US’ library or Amazon Prime, NordVPN makes it easy to do so.

Specialty servers like obfuscated servers that hide the fact that you are using a VPN, P2P and torrenting servers, and Tor over VPN servers are also available. Specifically for torrenting and P2P file sharing, this provider makes sure you do not battle with throttled speed the whole time.

Security is another of NordVPN’s forte and is also of huge importance to Brave browser users. Leading the pack is the AES 256-bit encryption you find on all NordVPN servers. Furthermore, this provider supports this with strong security protocols that are totally reliable. Other features include a kill switch, DNS-leak protection features, and a functional stealth mode. NordVPN allows you to pay for its services using cryptocurrencies, cementing your privacy further.

You can hook up six devices to one premium NordVPN account. You will find the directions to download and install these apps on the NordVPN website. If you run into any challenges, the provider has a standby customer support system to help you navigate the challenges.

Best offer: $2.99/month (Save 71% + 3 months extra!)

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Best for connecting multiple devices


Overall score: 9.5

  • Allows unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Integrates Stealth mode
  • Multihop feature available
  • 3,000+ servers

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Surfshark is relatively recent, especially when compared against the other top tier providers. However, it is no pushover. It has strong enough features that make it a strong choice for use with the Brave browser.

This provider recently upped its servers to about 3,200. These servers are speedy and efficacious. You can rest assured of no buffering or lags when you use this provider.

Surfshark’s security features are second to none. Every subscription comes with the standard AES 256-bit encryption and support for protocols such as the OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec. Other unique features include the kill switch and a Whitelister feature that has similar functions as the split tunneling you find with other providers. This provider’s MultiHop feature routes your network through several servers. Then its stealth mode also ensures that you browse undetected.

Surfshark provides apps for major operating systems. Furthermore, you can connect an unlimited number of devices to one account. This is a big plus and gives you the room to use the Brave browser on multiple devices simultaneously. Its subscription offers are also affordable and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee window.

Best offer: $2.49/month (Save 85% + 2 months for free)

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Best VPN with a Free Version


Overall score: 9.0

  • Free version available
  • Strong security features
  • Reliable no-logs policy
  • Allows Perfect Forward Secrecy

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

ProtonVPN is a provider that we strongly recommend. It is a mid-tier provider; hence it may not pack as many features as some of the others on the list. However, it performs well enough to use reliably with the Brave browser. 

This provider has 1000+ servers in more than 50 countries. Connecting to any of these servers automatically closes every loophole in your security. This is because you get the strength of the AES 256-bit encryption mechanism.  Additionally, this provider uses really great protocols, has a kill switch, and a Perfect Forward Secrecy feature you can trust. 

One other thing: this provider keeps your privacy details very tightly sealed. It operates a no-logs policy. By this, it means that the provider retains no data about your online information. Additionally, it has its headquarters in Switzerland. The region is very privacy-friendly. Thus, no government-sponsored subpoena will target your data. Additionally, you get to pay with Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

You can connect up to 10 devices using one ProtonVPN subscription. Its subscription offers are very great. In fact, it even has a totally free version, although this comes with limited functionalities. However, your browser gets protected, still. 

Best offer: $4.99/month (Save 50%)

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

A solid veteran


Overall score: 8.5

  • Free service trial
  • Strong security features
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • $2.79/month (save 75%)

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Hide My Ass VPN has servers in almost 290 locations and 190 countries. This is the largest spread on our list. Whatever country you need access to, this provider makes sure it is possible. When you combine it with the Brave browser, what you could achieve will be limitless. 

HMA further provides great security features. The provider secures your data with military-grade encryption, which makes you impenetrable. The provider also takes privacy seriously. HMA is one of the few providers that have opened its doors to auditors to confirm the strength of its privacy features. 

When it comes to speed, HMA’s offerings are decent. You can stream and download content with minimal buffering. It also unblocks geo-restricted platforms such as Netflix. 

This provider has a very user-friendly interface. It has apps for most device types. From Windows to Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android, HMA has you covered. Its apps are also intuitive, straightforward to download, and install. HMA’s customer response system is very reliable. It provides a 24/7 live chat that you can engage in fixing every issue. You can check out the affordable subscription options it provides before making a decision either way.

Best offer: $2.79/month (Save 75%)

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Easiest to use based on our tests


Overall score: 0

  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Cheap subscription plan. Starting at $6.99, save 22%

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

This provider “unlocks the whole web”, at least it claims to. With just 1000 servers in 50+ locations, that’s a tall claim to make. However, UltraVPN manages to keep to this promise. We believe that this provider will be good for use with the Brave browser.

This provider has decent speeds. It is good enough for surfing, streaming, or downloading content. It also supports torrenting and P2P file sharing

UltraVPN is decent for streaming geo-restricted content. You can unblock US Netflix regardless of your location and stream content to your satisfaction. However, you may experience some restrictions with other geo-blocked platforms such as Amazon Prime and iPlayer. 

The security features you find with this VPN are the standard ones. It uses military-grade encryption on all of its servers, boasting also of a kill switch and split tunneling features. It has its headquarters in the United States, which is not that great for security. Also, it retains some part of your logs, although it does not keep data relating to the activities on the VPN. 

This provider is compatible with most device types. It offers you a 7-day trial phase and also a 30-day money-back window.

Best offer: $2.99/month (Save 60% + 6 months free)

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Offers the best money-back guarantee


Overall score: 8.8

  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • 7,000+ reliable servers
  • Strict no-log policy
  • Tough security features

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

CyberGhost is also one of the oldest VPN providers in the industry. It has over 7000 servers in multiple locations. This makes it an excellent choice if you are looking to bypass geo-restrictions of any kind. You simply need to connect to a server in your location of choice to begin browsing. Apart from its huge server count, CyberGhost has other unique features that make it a veritable choice for Brave browser.

The first is its speed. This provider has one of the fastest server lists you could find. When you get online, it connects you with the best server to serve your needs. Its fast speed also makes it ideal for torrenting and P2P file sharing. These two activities rely on speed for effectiveness. CyberGhost makes sure you have what you need.

Furthermore, the provider does well in terms of security, too. It secures its servers with the AES 256-bit encryption. It also sports a kill switch and further allows you to split tunnel your traffic. That way, you can carry other actions both using the VPN network and without it simultaneously.

This provider allows you the benefit of connecting 7 devices to one account. The installation process is straightforward. You get a 45-day money-back guarantee to boot when you sign up.

Best offer: $1.9/month (Save 84%)

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Why You Need a VPN for Brave Browser

There are several reasons why you need a VPN for the Brave browser. We will discuss a few below:

Securing Data

Granted, the Brave browser is more secure than the average browser. However, it does not eliminate all forms of vulnerabilities. If you are browsing using an insecure network such as a public Wi-Fi, you will still be in danger. Every data you send over the network can be intercepted by a third party who could then maliciously attack you with it.

A VPN makes sure your data is foolproof. The providers discussed here have the standard security features, beginning with the AES 256-bit encryption. This military-grade encryption model is even used by the United States military. This combo leaves you thoroughly protected.

Protecting Your Privacy

When you use the Brave browser, your IP address is exposed. Your IP address is akin to your digital address. Anybody who cares to look could locate you with it. However, a VPN, apart from encrypting your network, provides you with a virtual IP address. This address is what anyone looking to access your address will find if they try to breach your account. No details about your current location or activities will then be in the open.

Accessing Geo-restricted Content

One other benefit of a virtual IP address is that it affords you the liberty of streaming geo-restricted content. If you want to use the Brave browser to access content on YouTube, Netflix, or Hulu, you can do so. Even if any sort of restriction exists on these platforms, you could bypass those without the slightest hitch.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best VPNs forBrave Browser

Does Brave Browser have a built-in VPN?

No, the Brave browser does not have a built-in VPN. Brave Browser is available on multiple platforms and works with any reliable, third-party VPN solution that you want to use. 

How do I choose the best VPN for my Brave Browser? 

In choosing the best VPN for your brave browser, you’ll need to consider the VPN’s security and privacy features, speed, number of servers, and cost. It should use military-grade encryption and have essential protocols to help prevent online threats. Additional security features like a kill-switch, malware protector, and IP protector should be available. Also, look out for a VPN with a strict no-log policy. The policy prevents the provider from storing your online activities and hence protects your privacy. Ensure to choose a cost-effective VPN with fast server speed and with multiple servers.

Can I use a free VPN for my Brave Browser?

Yes, it is possible to use a free VPN for a Brave browser but, it isn’t recommended. Free VPNs don’t have the necessary features to prevent all forms of cyber attacks and ensure your anonymity when browsing. Although it may help change your IP address, you’ll be stuck with slow speed, below-the-belt security and privacy features, and other limitations. Some free VPNs are also known to spread malware through multiple ads. We recommend you use a paid VPN provider for your brave browser. 

Will a VPN slow down my internet connection? 

Yes, VPNs can affect your internet speed. A VPN encrypts your internet traffic through a secure tunnel; the process can slow down your internet speed. However, if you use the right VPN service, the impact will be insignificant. With the right VPN, you’ll have numerous quick-connecting servers that will help reduce the impact of the VPN process on your internet connection. 

What is the best VPN to use for Brave Browser? 

ExpressVPN and NordVPN are the best VPNs to use for Brave Browser. They are premium VPNs that are known to provide the best security and privacy features in the marketplace. You can also use them to access geo-restricted content with ease.


The brave browser is one of a kind browser with immense benefits. Combining its use with a VPN ramps up these benefits even further. You get improved security, access to restricted websites, and increased privacy setting following this route.

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